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We're the Oregon State Beavers.

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The University of Oregon's mascot is The Duck. Oregon State University's mascot is Benny Beaver

Both beavers and ducks live both in water and on land. They are also both mascots for universities in Oregon. The Beavers are the mascot for Oregon State and the Ducks are the mascot for the University of Oregon.

benny the beaver

The mascot for Mississippi State University is a bulldog.

Portland State University is located in Portland, Oregon. Vikings is the nickname of the school's intercollegiate athletic teams.

The mascot for Ohio University is the Bobcat. The mascot for Ohio State University is Brutus the Buckeye.

Corvallis is where the Oregon State University(Beavers) . The University of Oregon (home Of the DUCKS).

There are at least 7 colleges that have a beaver for a mascot. They are Oregon State, American River College in Sacramento, Bemidji State University in Minnesota, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Buena Vista University in Iowa.

The Ohio State University mascot is Brutus Buckeye.

Kentucky State mascot is the Thorough-breed

Benny the Bengal is the mascot for Idaho State University.

It's not a university it's a college, and the mascot is a Scorpion

Oregon State University was created in 1858.

Many people confuse Kentucky State University for University of Kentucky. They are two different universities. The mascot for KSU is the Thoroughbred. The mascot for UK is the Wildcat.

Yes, the University of Oregon picks 4 Students to portray the Mascot each year, and some Students portray the Duck all 4 years they attend the University.

Oregon gets a lot of rain and animals that do well in lots of water often have webbed feet. In addition, the University of Oregon has the duck as their mascot and ducks have webbed feet.

Each college and university in the SUNY system has its own mascot.

The mascot is a bobcat named Champ.

The New Mexico State University mascot is the Aggies.

Oregon State University is situated in Corvallis, Oregon.

Southern Oregon University is located in the state of Oregon.

Western Oregon University is located in the state of Oregon.

Elizabeth City State University's Mascot is the Vikings !

The mascot of Athens State University is a bear named Hebrew.