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Dr. Michael Savage

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โˆ™ 2007-09-16 21:09:40
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Q: Who is the most conservative host on Air the US?
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What state in the US is the most conservative?


What is the most conservative city in US?

Provo, Utah

What is the most conservative newspaper in the US?

Tulsa Beacon

Who is the most conservative Republican in the US senate?

Jim DeMint

What is the most conservative newpaper in th US?

The Washington Times. Anyone that ignored the Scott Mclellan story of 11/20/07 is the most conservative newspaper in the USA.

Are there any conservative magazines?

There are a number of conservative magazines in the US. Probably the most well known and influential one is the National Review.

What is the Conservative party in US?

The Republican Party is the Conservative Party in the US. (Techinally there is no Conservative "Party", but Republicans are considered Conservatives)

Who are the conservative US Supreme Court justices?

The current conservative justices, from approximately most conservative to most moderate are: Justice Clarence Thomas Justice Samuel Alito Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. Justice Anthony Kennedy

Who is the most conservative Democrat in the US Senate?

It's probably Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

What are the liberal countries in the world?

The most liberal countries: Netherlands Canada Sweden Finland Norway Denmark New Zealand The Saudi Arabia would be the most conservative in world. The US the most conservative in the West

What is the most common air pollutant in the US?

Ozone is considered to be the most common air pollutant in the United States.

What is Rush Limbaugh best known for?

Rush Limbaugh is best known for his influential opinion leadership in the conservative movement in the US, and he also host a show called; "The Rush Limbaugh Show".

What political alignment is most common in the US?

liberal vs. conservative, which somewhat correlates to Democrat vs. Republican

Who has the most air craft carriers?

The US Navy.

What US city is most accessible by air?


Was Ronald Reagan a liberal?

At first he was a Hollywood liberal, but as he saw the effects of liberal, socialist, and communist ideas be became more conservative and then he went on to became one of the most conservative US presidents in history.

What is the northern most US air base?

The northern most Air Force Base on US soil is Eielson AFB, 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. There may be one farther north but not on US soil.

What percentage of voters in the US are liberal and what percentage are conservative?

Charles Krauthammer said on Inside Washington that 22% of US voters are Liberal and twice that are Conservative

Can something stop the US Air Force?

No. Nothing can stop the United States Air Force. The United States Air Force is one of the most powerful air arm in the World. Nothing can stop the US Air Force.

Which of the parties in the US is conservative and which is labor?

I am unsure of the parties in the U.S. The fact is I am not sure which is Conservative or Labour. Martin

Is Barack Obama conservative or labor?

In the US, the Republicans are 'conservative' and the Democrats are 'labour', Barack Obama is a Democrat.

Why do democrats hate the us military?

Most Military are more conservative in their political beliefs and have respect for our institutions. They are clearly not the Democrats constituency.

Is air present everywhere around us?

Air is not literally everywhere around us; it is not under the ocean or in outer space, for example. But in our normal lives, we are always surrounded by air. For most purposes, it is everywhere around us.

Which countries are more conservative than US?

Most Middle Eastern and African countries (particularly Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Israel. Those are some of the most conservative nations.). India and South-East Asia have relatively liberal urban areas and elites, but much of the countrysides are more conservative. China is slightly more conservative than the U.S. (though most of the coastal cities are fairly liberal).The rest of the world though, Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, most of Latin America (with the exceptions of Mexico and Columbia) is more Liberal than the US.

Is Idaho conservative or liberal?

In the 2008 election the vote was 403,012 for John McCain and 236,440 votes for Barak Obama. It has two Republican Senators, split representation in the US House, a Republican Governor and both the State Senate and House are controlled by the Republicans. From that standpoint it rank among the nation's most conservative states. It is one of the most conservative states.