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Who is the most controversial Australian cricketer in history?

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Shane Warne

AnswerThe 2007 ICC World Cup most controversial cricketer is Adam Gilchrist as he used a squash ball in his glove. There is nothing wrong with that as the law doesn't say any thing specifically about not allowing squash balls. Shane Warne certainly is the most FAMOUS, most controversial is purely an opinion. Some would say Dean Jones or even Ian Chappell; both had clashes with authority and opposition players.
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The most revered was without doubt Sir Donald Bradman.

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Who is Australia's most capped cricketer?

"Super Steve " Waugh is the most capped Australian cricketer in One Day Internationals, playing 325 matches at an average of 32.91. Called Tugga by his mates, and known as "Iceman" by the enemy. Steve is also the most capped Australian Test player too, playing 168 matches at an average of 51.06. Absolute Champion.

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