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Yes, the anwer would be an opinion, but it could be the final answer to a poll, maybe one by a magazine. Magazine polls would be more accurate than individual answers. Answer this question answers would be based on opinion.

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Q: Who is the most difficult video game boss?
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Who is the most disturbing video game boss?

I found GLADOS quite creepy, portal.bowzer in Mario

What video game has one more level after the boss?

There are many video games on the market which have boss battles that you must complete to move on to the next level. Most games have multiple bosses and levels that you must finish.

What is the most beautiful video game ever?

The Nintendo 3DS is, by very far, the most beautiful video game ever. Both as in the physical video game itself, and as in graphics.

What is the video game with most cars?

Forza Motorsport 5 has the most licensed cars available in any video game.

Who makes the most money in a month in the video game job?

The Jesus of the video game makes the most money, silly.

What is the most points in a NFL video game scored?

The most points scored in a NFL video game is 105 points.

What is considered 'the most shocking moment in video game history'?

To many critics and video game entrepreneurs, the most shocking moment in video game history was when Sephiroth killed Aerith/Aeris in the video game Final Fantasy VII.

Who is the most difficult boss in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

i'd have 2 say mew..veronica

What video game has the most graphic savages?

The video game that has the most graphic savages are S3 graphics. They are American-based graphic chips that provide the most graphic savages in video games.

Is there a softball video game?

Yes, there most likey is a softball video game. These days you can find about any kind of video game that's about anything you can think of.

What is the first video game?

It is most commonly believed and accepted that the video game "Pong" was first. But it is not certain.

What is the most popular video game for ds?

the most popular ds game is nintendogs

How do you get the keyblade firer in Kingdom Hearts 2?

If you mean the keyblade Fenrir, Then you get it by beating Sephiroth at Hallow Bastion (Radiant Garden). A high level is recomended to fight him as he is the most difficult boss in the game.

Did anybody ever beat The Dam Busters video game for ColecoVision Adam?

My dad beat that game on the hardest setting. But only once. To this day, it remains one of the most difficult games I have played.

What is the most played video game?


What video game is the most violent?


What is the best video game of 2011?

The most popular video game, so far in COD: Black Ops.

What stores buff video game cd's?

Most video game stores will buff a disc. Or a best buy.

How many video game careers are there?

There are 8 different career positions in the video game industry. This includes the following: video game designer, video game programmer, animator, audio engineer, writer, translator, video game tester, and most importantly, technical support specialist.

Popular video games?

The most popular video game is Halo reach

Is Wii a video game?

Most definitely not!It's a game coNsole.

What is the video game with the most fun?

There are a lot of opinions and there isn't one most fun game.

What was first video game?

The first Video game has been debated for several years. It depends on your definition of a video game. Most people believe it is pong but video games date far before pong, the answer is the 1966 game Odyssey.

What elements of your job do you find most difficult in cement industry?

The most difficult part is to deal with the boss and impress him or her with your work and then secondly to satisfy yourself with your work and last to have a good relationship with your colleagues.

What is the most difficult game?

The original Batttletoads for NES.