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Q: Who is the most hated Final Fantasy character?
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Who is the most popular character in final fantasy 13?

The most popular character in Final Fantasy XIII (13) is Lightning. She is the main protagonist and is on the cover of the case.

Who is Cid in the Final Fantasy series?

Cid is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. He is most often recognized as the pilot of the Highwind.

Who is the most powerful final fantasy character?

Depends. Ultimecia from final fantasy viii would probably be the most powerful if she happens to cast time compression. other than that, probably Kefka from final fantasy vi when he becomes a god.

In final fantasy 3 character turned to stone?

In most games, any of the main character (playable) character can be stoned or petrified.

Which Final Fantasy movie is the most popular?

The most popular Final Fantasy move is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Which of blazblue chrono phantasma character is the most hated?

The most hated BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma character is Siegfried.

Who is the most popular final fantasy character?

Between all the games and antagonists/protagonists and being a true Final Fantasy fan I'd say it would have to be Sephiroth. But of course everyone has their own opinion.

Who is the most popular character in Final Fantasy?

there is no straight answer for that, someone would have to take a pole of everyone on earth, but probably cloud.

Is tsubaki yayoi the most hated character in blazblue chrono phantasma?

Tsubaki Yayoi is the most hated character in BlazBlue Chronophantasma.

Who composes most of the music for the Final Fantasy series?

Nobuo Uematsu is credited for most of the Final Fantasy songs and themes. His most notable achievements were that of Final Fantasy VII with the song 'One Winged Angel'.

Which Final Fantasy is leon in?

There have been multiple characters named Leon in the FF games. Final Fantasy II: Leon was also an alternate-reality linked character to Squall in Final Fantasy 8. There have been other instances of 'Leon's in FF, but these are the most commonly known ones.

Which is the most powerful sword in the video game 'Final Fantasy'?

The most powerful sword in the video game 'Final Fantasy' was the Ragnarok sword that was featured in the 'Final Fantasy Tactics A2:Grimoire of the Rift' game.