Who is the most important athlete in sports history?

Answer Who else...?

The most important athlete in history was undoubtedly "The Greatest " Muhammad Ali. HIs impact as an athlete reached a wide spectrum of arenas.Athletically he was one of the greatest boxers dominating the heavyweight division for the 1960's and 1970's. The first million dollar sportsman whose fights were seen all over the globe and made headlines on a global scale. His social and political stances against racism and the Vietnam War made him the symbol of the counter-culture. Ali risked everything to be free as an American and as a human. His exploits outside of the ring defined who he is in the grandest arena of all , life. Ali is the single most recognizable person on the planet, truly a credit to his race, the human race. The self-invented person who not even he would know the impact of his dreams. Athletically,socially,politically and iconically he all along the way he reminded the world"I am the Greatest".