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Tira Banks

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โˆ™ 2011-11-29 22:24:50
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Q: Who is the most popular Victoria's Secret Model?
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Who is Adriana?

It depends on which Adriana you are talking about, the most commonly known female model by the name of Adriana is Adriana Lima, she is a model for Victorias Secret, she is one of the most beautiful Angels in the Victorias Secret franchise.

What is most popular brand of bra in US?

probably victorias secret bras.

What is the most popular type of clothing right now?

Hollister Ancrombie & Fitch Yoga Pants Pink/Victorias secret Tight clothing

What kind of bra has the most padding?

probably the bombshell from victorias secret

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What models use the Victorias Secret perfume?

Usually most, if not all Victoria's Secret models use the perfume, especially during Victoria's Secret themed runway shows and other modeling presentations. There are very few non-Victoria's Secret models that have mentioned using this perfume.

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