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parmar,ujjainiya rajputs are really most powerful and very wealthy rajputs.

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Q: Who is the most upper caste rajput?
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Kashyap rajput caste is scheduled caste?

Kasyap Rajput is not a scheduled caste. It is a high caste.

Who are vashisht rajput?

Basit or vasisht rajput caste is not schedule caste, so to remove its identity as schedule caste they are now called vashisht rajput.

Does karakoti caste persons are rajput?

Yes Karakoti is Rajput Caste

Is luniya or lunia is sub caste of rajput?

Yes Lunia is Rajput caste of eastern Uttar Pradesh they are also Know as Visthapit Rajput and Chauhan Rajput .

Is Nanolia rajput caste in himachal a synonym of Nadoriya or Nadolia an of shoot of Gahlot caste?

yes, Nanoliya/nanolia rajput caste in himachal is the as nadoriya/nadolia/nadoliya a branch of gahlot rajput caste

Is rai or rao rajput caste is from rajput?


Is basith rajput caste?


Is sodha cast belong to obc or st?

not at alll..sodha belongs to very high clan of rajput and are upper caste but these days many no-rajput caste also uses sodha as their surname mostly in rajasthan and they fall in obc catagory...but all origianal rajput sodha are biggest and wealthiest rajput clan of mewar district of rajasthan and sindh as well.......

Is chauhan rajput is lower caste?

No not at all chauhan is amongest the top caste in rajput.. chauhan belongs to rajput(kshatrya) l..king prithvi chauhan is the example.

Could a Kashyap rajput marry a luddu rajput gotra and is kashyap rajput a lower caste than luddu rajput?


Which is caste mahur?


What is the caste of Rana?


Is kushwahas are rajput?

No kushwaha are not rajput. They are koiri/kurmi, a caste of farmers

What is caste of person having surname as badgujar?

rajput. badgujar is a branch of rajput ( kshatriya). Some badgujar changed to Muslims or opted profession of lower caste due to Muslim attacks. But they are erstwhile Rajput

What group introduced the caste system to India?

rajput caste bhathiara

What is ravindra jadeja caste?

he is a RAJPUT...

What is the caste of dhoni's mother?


What caste does pratap belogn to?


Is girth a sheduled caste?

no ,,, they are origin in rajput clans

Is rajwal belong to scheduled caste?


Is Locham a Jatt caste?

They are rajput

Is katiyar caste a rajput caste?

Rajput is a very disputed term.Even the bhumihars(brahmins) call themselves rajputs.But rajput is one who is of kings relation(kshatriya).Katiyars are suryavanshi kurm kshatriyas.

Is rajpot khokhar a caste?

no rajput a cast or khokhar a title name of rajput cast

Is khokhar caste are rajput?

please kindly explain about khokhar r rajput clan.

Is minhas jatt Sikh caste?

no . it is last name of rajput Sikh caste also referred to as mehto