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If your talking about the book The Outsiders then it is Darrel Curtis but the rest of the gang either calls him Darry or Superman because he is so strong.

The middle brother is Sodapop Curtis.

The youngest brother is Ponyboy Curtis.

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Darrel "Darry" Curtis, the oldest of the Curtis brothers

rick was oldest then Michael then tom

Darry Curtis is 20, the oldest of the three Curtis brothers.

Ponyboy's two brothers are Darrel Shaynne Curtis, Jr. (called Darry) and Sodapop Patrick Curtis. Darry is the oldest and Sodapop is the middle brother.

The Curtis Brothers parents had died in a car crash

Sodapop Curtis and Darrel (Darry) Curtis

Kevin Jonas is the oldest person in the Jonas Brothers.

The oldest brother of the Jonas Brothers is Kevin Jonas

Darrel (Darry) Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

Brothers, Last names are all Curtis, Parents died, Live together, Greasers.

Yes Darry Curtis is a greaser.ALong with his brothers Sodapop Curtis,an Ponyboy Curtis,and others who arent his brother

Joe Jonas is the oldest of the four brothers

Ponyboy has 2 brothers Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

the oldest was joe kennedy

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His real name is Ponyboy Curtis. His brothers name is Sodapop Curtis and also there is Darrel (Darry) Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis, The youngest of the Greasers and the youngest of the Curtis Brothers

Yes, he is the oldest. He has two half-brothers, Jonathan and Steven on his father's side.

It found out that obama have half six brothers it told that obama is the oldest by age.

No she isn't. She is the fourth oldest.

No, the Curtis' Brothers did not get separated because the judge saw that Darry works very hard for a living and let them stay together

If you are talking about the character in The Outsider, then his name his name is Ponyboy Curtis His brothers are Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis and his parents died when he was a little boy, his brothers take care of him so he doesn't have to go to an orphanage.

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