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Q: Who is the original maker of candy corn?
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What are original candy corn colors?

The original colors of Candy Corn are surprisingly white, orange and yellow, the colors have not changed sence they have started making it.

What is the plural for candy corn?

candy corn

A piece of candy corn candy weighs?

The candy corn is about 0.2220 pounds

Why is candy corn called candy corn if its not made of corn?

It looks like kernels of corn.

Why is candy corn called candy corn?

Because it's candy and it's shaped like a corn kernel!

What is the slogan for candy corn?

There isn't a slogan for candy corn. For more on candy corn see the links in related links.

How big is a piece of candy corn?

A piece of candy corn is about 3 centimeters long!

Is candy corn ionic or covalent?

Candy corn is a mixture, not a molecule.

What is the differences between candy corn and Indian candy corn?

Indian corn is a traditional candy corn with a chocolate flavored base, usually flavored with cocoa.

Can you give me a long list of dessert cocktails there are?

Candy Cane,Candy Corn, Candy Corn Cocktail and Candy Corn are a long list of dessert cocktails.

How do you get the cotton candy maker on moshi monsters?

Type in the code CANDY77 and you will get the candy maker.

Where can you get candy corn after Halloween?

WAL-MART is the place to get candy corn after Halloween.

What contains more real corn candy corn or a kernel of corn?

A kernel of corn. Candy corn contains corn syrup which is not real corn, but a product manufactured from corn starch.

What candy grow on trees?

candy corn

Where can I find a quick and easy recipe for candy corn?

Candy corn are a majority of corn starch and sugar and are made in a factory for special holidays. There are recipes to make candy corn but it might not be exactly like the manufactured candy.

When is national candy corn day?

Narional candy corn day is october 30

What is a typical color of candy corn?

Candy corn is usually yellow with a tip of white.

How many pieces of regular candy corn are in a regular bag of candy corn?


What do you call a person who creates candy?

candy maker

What does a colonial candy maker do in colonial times?

Make candy and the colonial candy maker made only hard candies and chocolate!

How much does a candy maker make?

The average annual income for a candy maker in the United States is $25,000. The average annual income for a candy maker in Boston, MA is $32,000.

Is candy corn a proper noun?

No, the compound noun candy corn is a common noun, a word for any candy corn anywhere.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing; for example:Brach's Candy CornJelly Belly Candy CornLimited Edition Candy Corn Oreo

What candy has corn in it?

The candy is actually for all you people who didn't know this it is carmalized -popcorn- nothing of actual corn is candy.

What is the nutritional value of Candy Corn?

Candy corn is mainly sugar, with a tiny bit of salt thrown in. For 20 pieces of candy corn you will ingest around 150 calories.

Whata type of candy is candy corn?

It mostly consists of corn syrup hence the name.