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It is a fake company made up by Microsoft to demonstrate examples of using Microsoft software.

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Q: Who is the owner of north wind traders?
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Where direction does the north wind blow?

A North wind blows FROM the North TO the South. When you hear someone say North wind, East wind, South wind, or West wind, they are referring to the direction the wind is blowing FROM.

If the trade winds carried traders from Europe to Americas what wind system carried traders back?

Polar easerlies

What did Muslim traders bring from North Africa to West Africa?

Muslim traders brought Islam and salt from North Africa to West Africa.

What do you call the wind coming from the north?

The north wind

Is there a such thing as a north wind west wind or south wind?

Certainly. Whenever a wind blows from the north (i.e air moves southwards) that is a north wind, and so forth.

If you have a north wind do you call it a north wind or a south wind?

If the wind is coming from the north and moving to the south, then it would be called a "northerly" wind. Likewise, if it is coming from the south, it would be a "southerly" wind. why? is there a reasond?

What is the north wind called?

The North wind is called Boreas.

What type of wind blows from north to south?

North wind.

If the wind is facing north do you put the wind direction as north or south?

The wind doesnt have a face

What is a difference between a north wind and north road?

North wind ends in north but north road ends in south.

When did North African traders bring Islam to West Africa?

North African traders introduced Islam to West Africa during medievalism, during the 8th century.

What is wind that originated in the south but blows north called?

a north wind

If your local weather says the wind is n10-20 does it mean the wind is coming from the north or blowing to the north?

it mean the wind is coming from the north

What is a wind called north wind?

It is called a north wind or northern wind because it comes from the north. A south westerly wind comes from the south west etc. ! I only learned that this year.

Who was the god of the north wind in greek mythology?

Boreas is the North Wind. His brothers are Notus the South Wind, Zephyr the West Wind, and Eurus the East Wind.

What did African traders wear to guard their faces from the sun wind and sand?

A burnoose

Which direction will the arrow point on a wind vane if wind is from the north?

If the wind is from the north, the wind vane will point to the south. The wind vane is weighted so that the wind can swing it in the direction that it is going.

Who is the owner of Preston North End?

The owner of Preston North End in England is Preston North End plc.

Is a northerly wind comes from toward the north?

A northerly wind comes from the north.

What is the name of the God of the north wind?

Boreas is the greek god of the north wind.

God of the north wind in greek mythology?

Boreas is the god of the North Wind.

What does aurora borealis have to do with the north wind?

Boreas is the Greek god of the north wind

When was At the Back of the North Wind created?

At the Back of the North Wind was created in 1871.

Does a north wind blow from south to north?

No. Winds are named from the direction FROM which they come. So a North wind blows FROM the North and TO the South.

Does a north blow from the north or to the north?

A north wind blows FROM the north.