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Wkonrad zuse made the first working computer


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Charles Babbage google it if you need more information

the first computer virus's name is "Brain". it is not distractive. it is made to protect the software privacy .

The first one to actually make a complete computer is know as Charles Babbage.

Quite simply, the company 'Apple' made computers, thus... Apple Computer.

It depends on what you mean with "made" and "computer".The answer you are looking for is possibly Konrad Zuse.Perhaps this answers your question.Who_invented_the_computer

first computer name of india is sidhartha

An HEC-2M was a 16-bit computer that was first introduced in India by the Professor and Head of Electricions in 1995.

Many people contributed to the invention of the computer, but the first person to invent a programmable was Charles Babbage, who died in 1871.

the first person to the flag old glory was Betsy Ross the person that made the flag.

PARAM PADMA is the name of the first super computer.

The name of the first micro computer is a micro computer

The very first computer had no brand name

The first computer was called the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer).

what part of the computer did the computing what was the name of the first computer and how did the first computer get data input

You do that with lots of luck, patience, perseverance, and a good computer.

The first digital computer was called ENIAC

The First portable computer was Osborn-1

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I don't now but do you now who made the first all American made parts and the guys name starts with a B!!!!!!!!!!

The baker Raffaele Esposito created the first pizza in Naples, Italy.

That depends on how you define computer. The standard definition: a machine which can complete several computations without outside interference. Using that definition, the first computer was made by Charles Babbage using a machine that read hole-punches and provided an output.

The first Apple computer was known as the Apple 1.

Param is the first super computer of India.

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