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He is called the muadhin.

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What is the name of the Muslim man who calls Muslims to prey?

The person who makes the call to prayer is called the mu'azzin.

What is a crier called Muslims to prayer from the of mosque?

The "muezzin" gives the "azan"..the call for prayer.

Where in the mosque do the religious leaders call Muslims to prayer?

Muslims are called to prayer from a mosque's minaret (tower) above the mosque itself.

Who Calls to Muslims When they Pray?

Muslims are obligated to pray five specific times of the day. The "Call of Prayer" Usually offered by a male, known as "Mu'azan" in Arabic. The prayer call recalls Muslims to offer prayer for the remembrance of their creator "ALLAH TALA" and be thankful to his grants.

What do Muslims do before praying in salah?

Make wudu,-washing before prayer,Call the Adhan,-call to payer,and Iqamat,-last call to prayer and make intention for prayer Mat Allah accept this answer

Who is the person who calls Muslims to prayer?

A muezzin is the person at the mosque who leads the call (adhan) to Friday service and the five daily prayers (salat) from one of a mosque's minarets.

What is the name of the people that call Muslims to prayer?

the one who calls Muslims to prayer is called " Moazzen " or " Moathen "as in the standard Aabic. p.s. the 2 letters " th" are spelt as in " the ".

Who is the person that calls Muslims to prayer?

He is called the muathin, also pronounced muadhinor muezzin. He recites the azan, or call to prayer, 5 times a day for Fajr, Duhr, Asr, Maghrib & Ishaa prayers.

When do Muslims wash before prayer?

as soon as we here the call to prayer the "azan" we wash or this washing before praying is called "wuzu"

Why is a minaret important?

It is important because Muslims need the muezzin from the tower to call them to prayer.

What do they call the man that calls Muslims to prayer?

More commonly spelled "muezzin" in English.

What do Jews and Muslims call God?

Muslims call God "Allah." Jews have many names for God but in daily conversation, the most used title is "HaShem," while in prayer, we call Him by the title of Adonai (my Lord).

What is done in the tower of a mosque?

The tower was used as a high place to call for prayer. Muslims pray 5 times a day, and the call for prayer was made so as to announce the time for prayers. It is now modernised with loud speakers and the call for prayer is made from inside the mosque.

What do you call a prayer journey to holy places?

It is called Hajj by the Muslims. The Hindus call it Yatra. In English a religious journey is called 'pilgrimage'.

What is a jumm'ah?

Jumm'ah is a weekly prayer of the Muslims that is being performed on Fridays. Time of Jumm'ah is the same as the time of the daily Dhuhr prayer which is one minute after sun gets totally vertical, i.e. when you have no shadow. The prayer starts by athan (calling for the prayer). Then Imam, usually on a rostrum, gives his religious speech in two parts, in between there is a short break, where the attending Muslims are given the chance to ask God for whatever they want. After that there is a call to perform the prayer, the praying Muslims stand in rows and the imam steps down to lead the prayer. Muslims consider every Friday as a feast. Friday for Muslims is as Sunday for Christians.

How are mosque services held?

Muslims pray 5 times a day but Friday is when all Muslims gather in the mosque for "Jummah Prayer". The Adhan (Call to prayer is said) and Muslims pray (4 rakaat sunnah prayer) then the Imam gives a lecture/ khutbah (note the lecture is given in whatever native tongue the people speak then Arabic). The people perform 2 rakaat Fard with the Imam leading the prayer.

What is a supplication prayer?

"Supplication" is a word used by some Muslims to refer to what Christians simply call prayer. That is: making a personal prayer to God in one's own selected words. The word for this kind of prayer, in Arabic, is "Duaa". The other kind of 'prayer' in Islam is the formal kind which was commanded by God to perform five times every day. That prayer is specific in how it is performed ( though a person also can make personal prayers during it ). That prayer is called 'Salaat' in Arabic.

What do you call a person whose arteries to the heart become clogged?

A person whose arteries to the heart become clogged has a cholesterol.

Why is Muslims' holy day on Friday?

Muslims pray every day. The Jumu'ah prayer is a special prayer held on Fridays, as commanded by God in the Quran:O you who believe! when the call is made for prayer on Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of God and leave off business; that is better for you, if you know. (Qur'an 62:9)

What do you call a person who believe in god?

A Believer =) a cristian or a jew. And Muslims.

What do you call a Muslim preist?

The person who leads the prayer in the mosques is called Imam.

When do Muslims recite shahadah?

Shahada is the first pillar of Islam, it can be recited by Muslims any time. Examples: - It's required in each prayer. - It's recited after hearing it in the call for prayer. - If a Muslim recite it as their last speech before death,then this would be too great.

What do Muslims call Moses?

Muslims call Moses Musa.

What do Muslims call Noah?

Muslims call Noah Nuh.

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