Who is the prime minister of Tripura?

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What do Prime Ministers do?

In those countries that have Prime Ministers, they serve as the head of government, broadly directing the work of all parts of the government.

Who was the prime minister of Ireland in 2008?

Ireland does not have a prime minister. The corresponding role in Ireland is known as a Taoiseach. Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach at the start of 2008. Brian Cowen was Taoiseach from May of 2008.

Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 1972?

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the prime minister of Canada in 1972. Trudeau served as prime minister from 1968 April 20 to 1979 June 4. After a brief interruption by Joe Clark's Tories, Trudeau served again from 1980 March 3 until his retirement on 1984 June 30.

What is a prime minister?

A prime minister is an elected politician who leads the cabinet to govern the country. taoiseach

Who and what is Prime minister?

Many countries have Prime Ministers. A Prime Minister is the head of the government of a nation. The Prime Minister will usually be the leader of the political party with the most members in a parliament. He/she will direct policy and appoint ministers.

What is Prime Minister?

is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.

Why do we have prime ministers?

The parlimentary government needs to have a legal head of the parlimentary body just as our Congress has a President and a Vice President. They have some of the same powers as our President. Prime Ministers function slightly different but for the most part they have fairly similar functions .... dep ( Full Answer )

What is The prime minister?

Many countries have a Prime Minister (especially if they're based on the UK parliament) as the Head of Government. The Prime Minister is in charge of the Executive branch of government and is involved with legislation, while an elected President or a Monarchy acts as a figurehead of the country.

Is there a prime minister?

It depends on the country. For instance, the United States doesn't have one and a system that follows a monarchy would have one. The UK is a monarchy and has a Prime Minister. So does Belgium, Holland and Spain. Australia and New Zealand also have a Prime Minister. Wikipedia's page on Prime Mini ( Full Answer )

What does prime minister do?

A prime minister is the title given to the head of government in a lot of countries. They are not the head of state. A prime minister runs the government and has many duties, though some will vary in different countries depending on their specific governmental systems. They usually appoint ministers ( Full Answer )

When did the prime minister of Canada become the prime minister?

The current prime minister, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper , was appointed by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, on 6 February 2006 . He governs as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

What are prime ministers?

A chief minister appointed by a ruler. . The head of the cabinet and often also the chief executive of a parliamentary democracy. is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.

What does a prime minister do?

A prime minister heads the government. They are not the head ofstate. A prime minister appoints the ministers for the government.They will usually chair cabinet meetings, which are the meetings ofall of the ministers. They are usually the head of their politicalparty. They will often represent the g ( Full Answer )

When can you be a Prime Minister?

Any Canadian Citizen over the age of 18 may become Prime Minister.You'd also need to become the leader of a political party in orderto run, however.

How does the prime minister of Israel become prime minister?

all the parties in Israel go to a free election once of every 3 years, the president choose the party wich has the best possibility to create a strong and stable coalition ( most of the time is the biggest party in the parliament ) . the chairman of that party is the one who need to create the coali ( Full Answer )

Who was the most recent prime minister?

lyana cremnitz The above answer is meaningless- there is no Prime Minister anywhere in the world called Iyana Cremnitz, nor indeed anybody famous at all. As to the most recent Prime Minister, it depends which country you're talking about, as many nations have the Prime Ministerial system. But in t ( Full Answer )

Last prime minister NOT to have a wife?

Not counting Margaret Thatcher, who had a husband, not a wife. Sir Edward Heath was the last British Prime Minister who didn't have a wife. Heath's term as Prime Minister was from, June 19, 1970 - March 4, 1974. He was one of only four British Prime Ministers never to have married.

Who was the prime minister in 1976?

This depends on the country. Re-ask your question or see related questions. Canada: Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada in 1976. UK: Harold Wilson was the Prime Minister of the UK from the start of 1976 until April 5. James Callaghan was the Prime Minister of the UK for the rest o ( Full Answer )

List of Prime Ministers of china?

The People's Republic of China has had Prime Ministers (orPremiers) since 1949. There have been seven in all: Zhou Enlai, HuaGuofeng, Zhao Ziyang, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Wen Jiabao, and thecurrent Premier Li Keqiang.

Who can not be prime minister?

the people who can not be prime minster are those who have a criminal record and those who are very sick and old .

Who is the most important minister after the prime minister?

the defense minister Depends upon which nation you're talking about- in Australia this may well be the case, but in the UK it's the Chancellor of the Exchequer. After the Chancellor it's the Deputy Prime Minister, and then the Home Secretary.

Why does the prime minister want to be a prime minister?

It is a very powerful position, enabling someone to do a lot in a country. It is the head of the government. It is also a very well paid job. For these and other reasons, it is an attractive position.

How long can the prime minister of Canada be prime minister?

The Prime Minister of Canada remains in office as long as they are able to control the majority of votes in the Parliament. As of 2007, a law was passed fixing election dates to every 4 years, but the Prime Minister need not change after the election.

Can you be prime minister?

Yes as long as you put your mind to it you can do anything (if your name isn't Boromir you can't its just impossible your screwed(forever(and ever!!)))

How long can Australia's prime minister be prime minister?

There is no limit to how long an Australian Prime Minister can be Prime minister. Elections are held roughly every three years, but there is a very large window of many months which the serving Prime Minister may choose to use to his/her advantage to call either an early or late election.

How many prime ministers has Australia had and who was the third prime minister?

Australia has had 34 prime ministers as of 2013. 33 men and onewoman have held the office of Prime Minister at some stage, butseveral of them have held office more than once, serving after abreak. Therefore, there have been 28 different people who served asPrime Minister. Tony Abbott is the 34th Pri ( Full Answer )

Who appoints the Prime Minister and his team of ministers?

Typically in most countries that have a prime minister, the primeminister is elected by the parliament, and is normally the head ofthe largest party and so is able to get the majority support of theparliament. The prime minister chooses who the ministers are. Thehead of state gives the seal of offic ( Full Answer )

Who becomes the prime minister if the prime minister dies or resigns?

I think the prime minister, on the event of resignation or death is indicated by someone of the government. In United Kingdom, it would be Her Majesty, the Queen, if I am not wrong. More information are required here. I am not an expert on politics, but Viki Answers allows answers to be edited for c ( Full Answer )

Where is tripura?

Tripura is a state in Northeast India, bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south and west, and Assam and Mizoram to the east.

Who is the UK prime minister ministers?

The Ministry of Prime Minister David Cameron represents the coalition government of the Conservatives and the Liberal-Democrats that currently holds a majority in Parliament. The Ministers of this government are listed below. (C) indicates a member of the Conservative Party, (D) indicates a member o ( Full Answer )

Who are the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Britain?

The current government of the United Kingdom is a coalition between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. The Prime Minister is the Right Honourable David Cameron and the deputy is the Right Honourable Nicholas (Nick) Clegg leader of the the Liberal Democrats.

Who is the Prime Minister?

Ask the question "Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?" "Who is the Prime Minister of India?" using the name of the country you are looking for. . If you mean the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - it'sDavid Cameron. If you mean who is the current Prime Minister of Canada... that would be th ( Full Answer )