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Q: Who is the second actor in India who has got huge fans after Rajinikanth?
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Which actor has more fans in India?


How many Rajinikanth fans clubs are there?

more than 150,000 fans other actors have this much of fans clubs.. rajinikanth -the great actor in india...

Which tamil actor has most fans?

Super Star "Rajinikanth" and Ultimate Star "Ajith Kumar" has most fans in Tamilnadu.

How many having for rajinikanth?

Millions of fans rajinikanth has

Who has more fans Vijay or Rajinikanth?


Which Malayalam actor has second in no of fans?


Which Tamil actress has more fans?

Rajinikanth and Vijay

Which actor has most number of fans in India?

Sharukh khan

who actor having more fans in India top 3?


Who is the actor in south India having most number of fans?


How many fans does Rajinikanth have?

There are millions of fans for Rajni. He has been in the cinefield for a long time contributing to his image.

Which Indian actor is having large number of fans?

SuperStar Rajnikanth is having large number of Fans in India and across the World

Who is the second actor having most number of fans in Tamil?

ilayathalapathy vijay

Is Shahrukh Khan the most popular actor in the world?

consideration of the total number of fans Shahrukh Khan of India is the most popular actor in the world.

What is Bollywood actor naseeruddin shah's fan mail address?

naseeruddin shah is a very talented bollywood actor. he have many of his fans in India. its not possible to give ID of any single person who is his fan as their are many fans of him.

What are actor benefit?

the benefits of an actor are to first have the name Mikael Haswell, second you get adoring fans, hot chicks, and lots of money!

How many fans clubs does Rajinikanth have in Tamil Nadu?

rajnikanth him self is the fan of Mr. Parsath.

Actor with most fans in Tamil nadu?

Fans wise: 1. Super Star "Rajinikanth" 2. Padmashree "Kamalahassan" 3. Ilayathalapathy "Vijay" 4. Ultimate Star "Ajith Kumar" 5. "Surya" 6. "Vikram"

Compare Rajinikanth and Shahrukh Khan?

1.Rajni Kanth, a SuperStar of Indian Cinema. Sharukh Khan, an actor in Bollywood. 2.Rajni Kanth is having large number of fans and large number of fanclubs in India.We cannot able to count the number of Fans.It is like the Stars in the Sky. Sharukh Khan is having fans not even crossed 1/4 of the number of Rajni fans. 3.Rajni Kanth is having large and large number of fans across the World.He is having fans in more than 200 countries. Sharukh Khan is having fans nearly 10-15 countries. 4.Fans are like Die-Hard for Rajni and they see Rajni as their Demi-God. Sharukh has fans just as other actors having.

Which actor has more fans in world?

mammootty , Indian actor

Who has more fans in south India?

Joseph vijay has more fans in south india

Who is the acter in world having most number of fans?

1.rajinikanth 2.kamal hasan 3.ajithkumar 4.joseph vijay 5.vikram 6.surya

Who has more fans ajith or vijay?

Ajith has close to 10x more fans than Vijay and he is not only the leading actor by fanbase in Tamil Nadu but in South India itself. Vijay is a good upcoming actor of the league of yesteryear great VijayaKanth.

Who have more fans mohanlal or vijay?

MOHANLALNationally acclaimed legend, having won several National Awards. Honoured by the Govt. of India with Padma Shri. Holds honorary Lt. COLONEL rank.For Time magazine, Mohanlal is India's answer to Marlon BrandoFor Amitabh Bachan, he is the finest actor in the country.For Priyadarshan, he is the best actor India has ever produced.For Kamal Haasan, he is the most flexible actor in India.For Prakash Raj he is one of the finest natural actors India can ever come acrossFor RGV, he is the Robert De Niro of Indian screen.For Sunil Shetty,he is the God of Cinema.For Shaji N Karun,he is the most immensely talented actor.Manirathnam and Dr.Rajkumar are two frontline fans of this great actor.

Which actor has more fans in the world?