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Sabrina.(psychic types)-Saffron city.

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The 7th leader is Blaine. He uses fire pokemon.

the seventh gym leader in the johto region is in mahogany town the seventh gym leader in the kanto region is on seafoam island

The 7th badge is the volcano badge given by Blaine the cinnibar island gym leader.

go right from the seventh gym leader

The 7th gym leader in fire red is Blaine in Cinnabar Island.To unlock The gym, u must go 2 the pokemon mansion,search the gym key in the basement.

To get the 7th gym badge, go to Viridian City and defeat the leader there, Giovanni. good luck

The seventh gym leader is Candice, the Ice Type leader. She is at Snowpoint City.

The seventh gym key is in the Pokemon mansion. Hope that helps good luck.

The Gym Leader that allows you to use the HM move Strength in Pokemon FireRed is Erika. Erika is the Gym Leader of Celadon City and is the 4th Gym Leader the player faces.

There in the gym in mossdeep city by the way the gym leader are actually gym leaders.

saffron city (psychic type gym leader)

There what you get when you beat a gym leader.

figure it out yourselve

An old guy called Pryce, who specializes in ice pokemon.The seventh gym leader is Pryce in Mahogany town.

The gym leader after Misty is Lt. Surge. He is the gym leader of Vermilion City, specializing in Electric-type Pokemon.

You cannot be a gym leader yourself in any of the Pokemon games, so far.

In the game Heart Gold, the fire gym leader will be in the seventh gym you visit. Defeating the fire gym leader will get you your second to last gym badge.

you must fight the team rocket leader, giovanni, again. (he's the gym leader.)

it is on cinnabar island. the gym leader blaine has lv42 growlith lv40 ponyta lv42 rapidash lv47 arcanine