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Cartman gets his hair dyed by his friends to show him how its wrong to rip on ginger kids.

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What is Dylan Sprouse favorite South Park character?

South Park is stupid. so why watch it.

Where can one create a character based on South Park?

You could try the South Park Studios site. Here, they offer a feature called the Avatar Creator. Using this, you can design your own South Park character by selecting such traits as body type, skin tone, facial expression, hair and clothing. After finishing, you can choose to save and share your creation.

Who is the most popular in south park?

i am the biggest south park fan and i have seen every episode and my room is all south park the mosk liked south park character is...........Kenny mccorwic

Who is the best south park character?

There is no answer to this, it is based on opinion.

Do south park red has a girlfriend?

Red is the female character with red hair and no she does not have a "girlfriend." But I do believe that she is in the same friend group as Wendy, Bebe, etc.

What are some characteristics of the South Park character known as Timmy?

Some of the characteristics of the South Park character known as Timmy are that he is a handicapped young man with a bright sense of self-esteem. He is known for his enthusiastic shouting of his own name. The character is treated as an equal on South Park and he is well liked by many fans.

Who is the voice of the Man Bear Pig in the TV show South Park?

The voice actor for that character in South Park was Frank Welker. Although he is not directly credited for the voicing of the character, he was the one who provided the growl sounds the character made.

Who is the most popular character in South park?

The most popular South park character is actually Stan being as he is basically the leader out of the 4 of the boys but if there was no leader then Cartman would be the most popular

Who is the best character in South Park and why?

kenny because he is always in the scene

How can you contact the writers of south park?

Okay first you have to go on google and type in the words Create you own south park character then you have to make a character then you click save. I think if they like it they will put on the show.

What is some information on the South Park character Kenny?

Kenny is a character in the animated television series South Park. He is one of the main characters along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

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