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john Parker Wilson

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Q: Who is the starting quarterback for Alabama?
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Who is john Parker Wilson?

He was the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama from 2006 to 2009.

Who's Andrew Zow?

Starting quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide 99-01

Who was the 2009 University of Alabama Quarterback?

The quarterback for the Alabama 2009 National Championship team was Greg McElroy.

Who is the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback?

The starting quarterback is Trent Edwards

Who is the quarterback for Alabama 2009?

Greg McElroy

Who the best Alabama quarterback?

Jeff Rutledge

Who was Alabama's quarterback in 2000?

Andrew Zow

Who was alabama's quarterback in 1969?

Ken Stabler

Is Alabama's quarterback a sophomore?

No, he's a junior

Who is Alabama's 2010 quarterback?

Greg McCelroy

Which school has most Heisman quarterback?


Who was the starting quarterback for Alabama in 1964 sugar bowl?

Steve Sloan, a sophomore. Joe Namath, the #1 quarterback, had been suspended for the final two games of the 1963 season and the bowl game for violating the team's no drinking policy. Alabama defeated Mississippi in the 1964 Sugar Bowl, 12-7, on 4 field goals by Alabama kicker Tim Davis.