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The University of Alabama is a public coeducational university founded in 1831. It is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Referred to as “the Capstone” within Alabama, the school is the flagship university of the University of Alabama System.

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What is a diluted UA What does it mean to mask a UA What causes a diluted UA How does one prevent a diluted UA from occurring?

"Diluted UA" means you put water in your sample.

Here's how it works: The machines they use to test urine for drugs have "cutoff levels"--there's got to be a certain amount of substance in your urine to cause the machine to show positive. And no matter what drug it is, there are two levels: screening and confirmation. Since this is a pot question, the Department of Defense levels are 50 nanograms/ml of urine for screening, 15 ng/ml for confirmation. The reason for the difference is screening and confirmation are done on two different machines, and the screening machine is less sensitive--it's also faster and less expensive to operate, which is why they use it.

Some fine enterprising young person thought to himself, "if this test is done by mass, why don't I just fill the cup half full of pee and top it off with water?" Well...that would work, I guess--if your actual level is 70 ng/ml and you dilute your sample 50/50, it would read 35 ng/ml on the screening test and you'd pass.

People who run urinalysis tests don't want you to do that. They want to find out you smoke weed so you will not get in the military, not get that job, go to jail or whatever it is they're testing you for. So, they test for other chemicals as well. There are levels of certain enzymes in your urine that are known, and if they're too low they know you diluted your sample.

What it means to "mask" a UA is to take various masking agents--goldenseal, niacin, whatever. These chemicals are intended to fool the drug testing equipment into believing you don't smoke weed. They're not in your body naturally, and if you are positive for them they don't even worry about testing the sample for drugs--they know they'll find some.

What causes a diluted UA is you putting water in your pee. And you prevent a diluted UA from occurring by not putting water in your pee.

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What is the value of a 1964 team autographed football from the University of Alabama National Championship team?

If all members of the squad signed the ball, it could be worth over 1 thousand dollars if the BEAR signed the ball as well.

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What are the SAT score requirements for UCLA?

A recent newspaper article said that the minimum SAT score would be a 1790. Of course, this is assuming you have a high GPA and many extra-curricular activities. Try to aim for about 1900 or above. I forgot exactly, but i think UC Berkeley was about a 1810, I might be off. You shouldn't aim to get the "minimum" but actually do the best you can and you should get a better score.
A UCLA website said that most people that get into UCLA have a 4.0 GPA and at least 1200 on the SATs (this would be the old scoring system).
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What is Alabama's record vs Notre Dame?

As of the start of the 2012 season, Alabama and Notre Dame have met six times, all between 1973-1987. In those games, Alabama has won once and Notre Dame has won five times. Notre Dame has outscored Alabama 112-86 in all meetings.

11/14/1987 Alabama 6 - Notre Dame 37

10/4/1986 Alabama 28 - Notre Dame 10

11/15/1980 Alabama 0 - Notre Dame 7

11/13/1976 Alabama 18 - Notre Dame 21

1/1/1975 (Orange Bowl) Alabama 11 - Notre Dame 13

12/31/1973 (Sugar Bowl) Alabama 23 - Notre Dame 24

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Who was Alabama's football coach before Mike Shula?

Mike Price.

Price was hired to replace Dennis Franchione after the 2002 season but didn't coach a game for the Tide. He was fired in the spring of 2003 over allegations of misconduct at an off-campus function.

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Where is the visitors section at a Alabama football game?

Parking lot

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Has Kentucky ever won a national football championship?

Kentucky was ranked #1 by Sagarin Ratings in the 1950 season.

The consensus #1 team that year was Oklahoma. They were voted #1 by the Associated Press, Berryman (QRPS), Helms Athletic Association, Litkenhous. United Press and the Williamson System.

I guess you could say that in 1950, Kentucky had a piece of the action.

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What is University of Alabama mens' basketball home record against the Auburn Tigers over the last 32 years?

According to the latest record after smashing Auburn 94-53 March 02, 2005, Alabama's home record is now 39-7 against Auburn- per wire reports. i have to concur with your statement.

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How many split national championships have there been and how many for USC?

If my information is correct, there have been 11 split national championships as awarded by the AP and UPI (now BCS) since 1954, although most probably only remember back to 1978. Starting that year, it was (AP Champ/UPI-BCS Champ):

1978 Alabama/USC 1990 Colorado/Georgia Tech 1991 Miami/Washington 1997 Michigan/Nebraska 2003 USC/LSU

The Washington Huskies and Miami Hurricans split a title in the 1991 season.

I have a sweatshirt that claims 10 National Championships. 2004 marks the 11th.

Nebraska and Michigan split a title in 1997 also.

Here is a list of all of the split national championships: 2003 LSU and USC 1997 Michigan and Nebraska 1991 Miami and Washington 1990 Colorado and Georgia Tech 1978 Alabama and USC 1974 Okalahoma and USC 1973 Alabama and Notre Dame 1970 Nebraska and Texas 1966 Notre Dame and Michigan State 1965 Alabama and Michigan State 1964 Arkansas and Alabama 1960 Mississippi and Minnesota 1957 Auburn and Ohio St. 1954 Ohio St. and UCLA 1953 Maryland and Notre Dame 1952 Georgia Tech and Michigan State 1951 Tennessee and Maryland 1950 Okahaloma and Tennessee 1947 Michigan and Notre Dame 1946 Army and Notre Dame 1942 Georgia and Ohio St. 1938 Texas Christian and Tennessee 1936 Pittsburgh and Minnesota 1935 Princeton, Southern Methodist, and Minnesota 1934 Alabama and Minnesota 1933 Princeton and Michigan 1930 Alabama and Notre Dame 1928 Georgia Tech and USC 1926 Alabama and Stanford 1925 Alabama and Dartmouth 1923 Michigan and Illinois 1922 California and Princeton 1921 Cornell and California 1920 Princeton and California 1919 Texas A&M, Harvard, and Illinois 1914 Illinois and Army 1910 Harvard and Pittsburgh 1908 Harvard and Pennsylvania 1906 Yale and Princeton 1905 Yale and Chicago 1901 Harvard and Michigan 1899 Princeton and Harvard 1896 Lafayette and Princeton 1886 Princeton and Yale 1884 Princeton and Yale 1881 Princeton and Yale 1880 Princeton and Yale 1877 Princeton and Yale 1875 Harvard and Princeton

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Which admendments are involved in Powell vs Alabama?

Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment

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Who won the 1962 NJCAA National Football Championship?

I know the NCAA champions were the University of Southern California coached by John McKay. Maybe will have the answer.

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How many times has uga won a national championship?

once. After 1980 season

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Who was Alabama's quarterback in 1990?

Gary Hollingsworth, a senior.

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Who was the Back Up Quarterback for Roger Staubach?

Backups for Roger Staubach have been Craig Morton, Clint Longley, and Danny White. === Also, Glenn Carano was a third stringer from 1977-79, behind Staubach and White.

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How many NCAA football national championships has University of Alabama won?

In division 1 NCAA football there is no official national champion, however the University of Alabama has won 8 AP poll national championships. the years where 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992, 2010. the school also claims 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, and 1941 as national championship years because they were named NC's by polls such as BR, BS, CFRA, HAF, HS, NCF, PS, and others that are often not recognized. Alabama is also tied with Noter Dame for most NCs with 8. Noter Dame and USC also claim 11 NCs for reasons like alabama. Oklahoma claims 7 even though they have been named NCs 17 times by other polls.

This is in addition to the above information:

If we talk National Titles, it would depend on who you talk to. You the School claims 13 national titles, however, the College Football Data Warehouse (CFDW) only record 12 titles. This is because in 1941, there were 3-teams up for the National Title (Alabama at 9-2, Minnesota at 8-0 and Texas at 8-1-1). Back in 1941 there were 14 selctors that picked the National Champion. The voting went as follows;

11 selectors for Minnesota,

2 selectors for Texas and

1 selector for Alabama

The AP selector picked Minnesota, however, since 1 selector chose Alabama the school claimes the national title. The CFDW has Minnesota listed as the official Champion of 1941.

just to add to this:

The NCAA lists Alabama as receiving a championship for the 1945, 1966, 1975, and 1977 college football seasons but Alabama does not claim them, even though they have better records than some of the teams that did claim them.

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What are the SAT score requirements to get into Clemson University?

Clemson University SAT Scores for full-time entering students

Average 1206

Median 1220

Range (Middle 80%) From 1140 to 1280

Note: This is the average, depending on what is being studied the scores may vary

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Is Ross Wilson playing baseball for Alabama Crimson Tide?

Ross is playing baseball at the University of Alabama.

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What Alabama football players wore jersey number 1?

The last person to wear No.1 was Ramzee Robinson. He graduated in '06.

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Where to go if you runaway in Alabama?

boys or girlsclub, or call runaway hotline they can help you.

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How many national championships has UGA won?

2 national championships

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Zip code for university of Alabama?


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What is the SAT score requirement to get into Parkstone Grammar School?

There isn't really an actual "requirement" as such, it depends on the mark you get for the actual test to get into the school. However if you do have a high SATs result that can help VERY much, for example three 5a's would highly increase your chances of getting into the school.

Hope this helps.

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What is the instrument in the University of Alabama Bell Tower called?

When you see a church bell tower and just a bell tower by itself you may first think of the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. The Hunch Back of Notre Dame tugged on ropes that hung from the various bells. More often, though, when you hear melodic bells from a bell tower it is the result of playing the Campanile or Carillon instrument. In the case of the University of Alabama the bells (25) are called the Denny Chimes in honor of George H. Denny the University's President from 1912 to 1936. The Carillon instrument is located within the bell tower. The Carillon looks like an organ or piano, except instead of keys you have wooden pegs that stick out and are about 2 inches apart. There are wooden foot pedals similar to that of an organ. Large bell towers can contain around 60 bells of varying sizes. The Carillon instrument originated in the Netherlands. You can find Carillon instruments in church towers and on college campuses. The University of Michigan, for example, has two impressive bell towers. Students at the University of Michigan can take a private lesson course for credit and play the bell tower weekly. In fact, I was one of those students! How do you play the carillon? You keep your hands in fists and strike the wooden pegs with the bottom of your fists. The carillon responds similar to a piano in that the harder you hit the peg, the louder the sound. A quick strike can let you hit with staccato.

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Nokia Phones

Do any body know the restriction cod of nokia 6288?

Restriction codes are often unique and the best thing to do would be either unlocking at your phone at one of those cellphone repair shops or trying your luck with your service provider.

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Microsoft Xbox

Does any body know if a gear box out of a Renault 19 16v fit into a 2litre16v Megan coupe?

not sure but if not do you want to sell it?


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