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The tamagotchi king is the king of tama town (tama town is a tamgotchi website).

He is a big golden egg! Lol! Hope I helped!:D

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What is the tamagotchi king?

The tamagotchi king is obviously the king of the tamagotchi's but he's a good king he doesn't like give you bad things or anything.

What does the tamagotchi king looks like?

the tamagotchi king looks like a golden egg with a crown and a cape

Can a v4 tamagotchi marry the king?


How do you make a donation to the king on your Tamagotchi V4?

go onto the presents section of your tamagotchi v4, and select the icon that shows the king. select this (i think it says donate) and then enter the amount you wish to give... hope this helps x

How do you find out tamagotchi codes on corner shop 2?

Well one is in tamagotchi V3, it'll be given when you donate to the gotchi king and use the item given. --mewMew

Tamagotchi how can you marry the king?

you don't BECAUSE YOU CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would you want to anyway? I dont.

How can you get points for your tamagotchi V4.5?

To get points on the tamagotchi v4.5 all you really need to do is play games and you'll get points and you can donate some to the king too. Anyways, also if you have PC (computer) you can go on that with your tamagotchi and play different games a maybe win more points. If you don't have a computer i would just stick with playing the games on your tamagotchi!!!!

How do you get a tamagotchi?

you get a tamagotchi from a store.

How do you become the king on Tamagotchi V4?

Unfortunately, you can not become the king, but you can donate points to him. Scroll the book icon and press point, click b, and choose yes. Then, enter your donation. When you reach 20,000gp of donation, you will be rewarded a scepter in tamagotchi town... and so on. Hope I helped :)

Why dont you have any family for tamagotchi v3?

The Tamagotchi V3 is the oldest version of Tamagotchi. You need the V5 version of Tamagotchi.

Does your tamagotchi give birth?

a female tamagotchi marries with a male tamagotchi and the female tamagotchi will have a large belly . and if the female tamagotchi cant hold more longer than it will give birth.

How do you get into tamagotchi town without a tamagotchi?

You actually can't. But I do know that if you have a v3, you can get in without a tamagotchi.

How do you make the king come to your tamagotchi v4?

The king only comes to your V4 toy through the mail. He should come often to leave you points or gifts! :)

What are Tamagotchi favorite foods?

It depends on the tamagotchi

What will your tamagotchi grow into?

It depends on how you care for the Tamagotchi.

How do you get gozerotchi on the tamagotchi v1?

where can i get a v1 tamagotchi

Tamagotchi care center?

tamagotchi care

What is Tamagotchi Version 1?

its the first tamagotchi

How do you make your tamagotchi turn into a certain tamagotchi?

It will turn into any tamagotchi depending on the way that you raise it

How do you connect your version 3 tamagotchi to tamagotchi town?

You go on to tamatown and type in your username that you have on your tamagotchi

How do you break a tamagotchi?

dont try this/// mess around with the tamagotchi battery while it is still in the tamagotchi

How do you call the tamagotchi king?

version 4 you need to donate 5000 gp at the same time (it wont work)

Why didn't I get a ring when I donated 5000 to the king on Tamagotchi?

because u ned 2 go on tama town

What are the icons on Tamagotchi?

esclamasson point means that tamagotchi needs attention scull tamagotchi is not feeling well

What do you do with tamagotchi points in tama town?

Tamagotchi points are like money but in tamagotchi form when you log out of tamatown the money you've earned is given to your tamagotchi which can be spent at the "shop" icon in your tamagotchi toy :pHOPED I HELPED?!?!?!: