USB Flash Drives

Who is the thumb drive inventor?

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A Singapore company, Trek2000 International A Singapore company, Trek2000 International

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What is the difference between pen drive and thumb drive?

There is not a difference between a pin drive and a thumb drive.

How do you put password in the thumb drive?

It is possible to use password protection on a thumb drive. Bring up the thumb drive in the My Computer window. Right click on the thumb drive, then go to properties. Under properties, a password can be set.

What is a thumb drive?

a thumb sized storage divice.

Can you use your ipod as a thumb drive or similar storage device?

No but you can use a regular thumb drive

What do you do after inserting the thumb drive in the computer shrink ray island?

Before you insenrt the thumb drive, you must enter the password: M4R13 CUR13. Then insert the thumb drive to download it. After that you go to the bath room, and went to the closet where you put the thumb drive and flush it.

Inventor of two wheel drive bicycle?

Inventor of bicycle

How do you check thumb drive drive storage space on a mac?

The info is retrieved by clicking on the thumb-drive icon and pressing command I.

Where to collect the thumb drive on shrink ray island poptropica?

The thumb drive is underneath CJ's bed.

What do you do when you have lost the thumb drive on shrink ray island?

If you have the lost thumb drive you insert it the computer to save

Can a movie be played from a thumb drive?

Yes, it can. The thumb drive is simply a small sized portable hard drive. You need a video player program installed on your main computer to play the video file off the thumb drive.

Where is the thumb drive in shrink ray is land?

Under CJ's Bed. First turn on the electricfan And then get the THUMB DRIVE.

How many megabytes are in a factory made usb thumb drive?

16,000 (approximately) in a 16 Gigabyte thumb drive.

How do you use the computer on shrink ray island?

You don't really use it. you use the thumb drive to use the computer to find the thumb drive type in the question Where is the thumb drive. then once you do use the thumb drive the computer really isn't of use to you anymore so move on to the next step?

When you copied the thingy what do you do next on shrink ray island?

after you copy the thumb drive onto the computer, you take the thumb drive and flush it. right after that, you hear someone say, "where is that thumb drive?" you flushed it just in time!

What does 256MB on a thumb drive mean?

It means that the thumb drive houses a total memory of 256MegaBytes. However, don't be fooled into thinking you can put 256MB of information on it. The drive takes up some of the memory for software that it uses to "know what do" as a thumb drive.

Where is the thumb-drive in shrink ray?

just turn on the fan and the thumb drive will appear in the dust under the bed

Who is the inventor of a floppy drive?


What is a USB thumb drive used for?

A USB thumb drive is a small thumb sized storage device. One would use a thumb or flash drive to save data or information that one wants to keep with them or if one wants to transfer information from one device to another.

How to fix a thumb drive?

you cant

What do you do after you flush the thumb drive on Shrink Ray Island?

After you flush the thumb drive, go to CJ's room and she will send you another message.

What is the difference between a USB Flash drive and a thumb drive?

"USB Flash Drive" is a more technical name. Theoretically, a "Thumb drive" could be created for a FireWire port as well, although these are rare. Referring to the device as a "USB Flash drive", rather than a "pen drive" or "thumb drive", ensures that you won't accidentally purchase an incompatible device.

Who is the inventor of pen-drive?

dov moran and ajay bhatt

What is another name for jump drive or thumb drive?

Another name is flash drive.

Is Thumb another name for a flash drive?

Yes, there are quite a few different names: Thumb Drive Flash Drive USB Drive Stick Drive Pen Drive Memory Stick All are essentially USB Flash Drives.

What is another name for USB flash drive?

USB Thumb Drive