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Who is the top selling country artist?


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the top selling country artist of all time is George Strait with 59 no. 1 hits

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the top selling solo artist of the seventies is English singer Elton John

He is the top selling male American Idol contestant.

name the top ten artist of top selling records

Come on over by artist Shania Twain is the best selling country album of all time and also holds the record for the best selling album by a female artist.

There's a lot of them. But, the Top Selling Female Country Artist of All Time, would have to be the late Patsy Cline.Although Patsy died in 1963, in that fatal plane crash, just like Elvis Presley, her Records and Cd's have sold like hot cakes for over 45 years now.The second female artist would be Loretta Lynn. Loretta was also given the award for "Artist of the Decade," by the Academy of Country Music, for the 1970's.

she as named the top Latin artist of the 90s and best selling artist of the decade

This answer is incorrect. The best selling album by a female artist goes to Shania Twain with "Come on over"

A list of the top includes OutKast as the top selling artist followed by eminem, MC Hammer, 2Pac, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Snoop Dog, and Nelly.

Slim Dusty , Australia's most prolific recording artist ever

The Beatles are the top selling band (over 200 songs with each one catchy in a weird way) though I'm not sure about the artist who holds it, sorry! ):

tupac, eminem has 70 million which makes him the highest selling artist, second comes jay, dont believe go to rolling stones, they have a list of the top selling

The best selling British female music artist of all time is Sade.

Best selling album by a solo female artist: The Bodyguard (Whitney Houston) Best Selling French Album of all time: D'eux (Celine Dion) Best Selling Female Album Artist: Barbra Streisand (based on RIAA shipments) Best Selling Female Album Artist: Mariah Carey (49,937,000)(based on retail sales of Soundscan Era)

the answer to this question is Sir Elton John

Michael Jackson followed closely by Madonna

The best selling male solo artist of all time with approved RIAA credited sales is Elvis Presley,with close to 1 billion in sales worldwide, 2nd only to The Beatles

The top selling song was Mull of Kintyre/Girls' School by the artist Wings in 1977 with the estimated sales being a little over 2 million.

Garth Brooks. In fact he is cited by the RIAA as being the second biggest selling artist of all time, behind the Beatles. Above is wrong, Elvis Presley is the second best selling artist (third is Michael Jackson) and the best selling country singer is Dolly Parton.

Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time.

The highest selling rap artist for 2007 was Nas.

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