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Probably the best-known 'trickster' among the Greek deities was Hermes (messenger/ cup-bearer) who enjoyed playing not-always-amusing (except to him) practical jokes on both gods & mortals alike.

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Q: Who is the trickster deity in Greek mythology?
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Because he's a Greek deity. If he were an Egyptian deity, he'd be in the Egyptian Mythology group.

Which is the deity in Greek Mythology that is famous for her intelligence?

The goddess Athena from Greek mythology is the deity that is famous for her intelligence. She is also the god of wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, skill, and handicrafts.

What does chaos have to do with Greek mythology?

Chaos, meaning "gap" or "air" in Greek, is a ancient Greek deity.

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What does the nariad mean?

A nariad is a minor water deity in Greek (&Roman?) mythology.

Who was the deity of wisdom?

The most well known deity of wisdom in Greek mythology is Athena. Athena is one of the twelve Olympians.

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What is a good subtopic for Greek mythology?

You can chose to do a summary of a myth, or choose a deity to write about.

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Who are some of the more obscure trickster gods other then Loki Anasi Raven Coyote?

Some other obscure trickster gods include Eshu from Yoruba mythology, Baron Samedi from Haitian Vodou, Hermes from Greek mythology, and Lempo from Finnish mythology. Each of these figures is known for their mischievous and cunning nature, often challenging societal norms and expectations.

What deity has the same name in Greek and Roman mythology?

Iris is one. Apollo is often used for the Greek as well as the Roman god, although he is in fact Apollon in Greek.