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If you live in the UK (Cluedo), the victim is Dr. Black. If you live in America (Clue), he is Mr. Boddy.

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Q: Who is the victim in boardgame cluedo?
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Who is the murder victim in the game cluedo?

The victim is Dr Black

Who invented the Cluedo boardgame?

The Cluedo (also known as The Clue in United States of America) was originally created in Leeds by Waddingstons in 1949, United Kingdom. It was invented by Anthony Pratt.

What is the name of the perpetual murder victim in the English version of cluedo?

Dr. Black. In the United States, he was renamed, "Mr. Body"

How do you play cluedo?

you play cluedo by stuff

When was Cluedo created?

Cluedo was created in 1949.

Does cluedo use a dice?

No, Cluedo does not use a dice.

Is there a colonel mustard or a colonel relish?

Colonel Mustard is a character of the boardgame Cluedo, socalled because he is typically the yellow piece (mustard is traditionally yellow). Colonel relish may be a brand in some part of the world, but it is obviously not famous enough to be welnoted in most of it.

Which of these is not a weapon in the game of cluedo is it a sword rope candlestick?

the Sword is not a weapon in cluedo

When was Cluedo Card Game created?

Cluedo Card Game was created in 2002.

Who are all the characters in cluedo?

The suspects are: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Rev. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum. The victim is Dr. Black.

Whose murder is investigated in cluedo?

Depends on the Cluedo game you are playing in the traditional Clue game it is Mr Boddy. But you can get other versions like Simpsons or Harry Potter so the murder victim is different for them. For example, the Simpsons Clue games it's Mr. Burns (but again that depends on which edition you have).

When did Cluedo - Australian game show - end?

Cluedo - Australian game show - ended in 1993.

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