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There is currently no Vocaloid with a blonde ponytail. There is, however, a fanmade, Neru Akita, who has a long side ponytail and yellow hair. Lily also has blonde hair, there may have been a PV of one of her songs with it done up in a ponytail.

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Q: Who is the vocaloid with the blonde ponytail?
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Is the blonde ponytail in club penguin available?

It depends when you play.

How do you get the blonde ponytail on club penguin?

You buy it in the gift Shop catalog.

Who is Akita Neru?

Akita Neru is supposedly the newer of the Vocaloids in the Vocaloid vocal software. She's the one represented by the girl with the long blonde hair in a single side ponytail-and may more commonly have a cellphone or gameboy of some kind in her hand.

What was the first Barbie doll?

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What is Katherine's character description in found by Margaret Peterson?

Katherine is thin and has a blonde ponytail, and she is very jumpy.

Is ia a vocaloid?

Yes, Ai is a vocaloid. A vocaloid 3 to be exact.

What is the best hairstlye for blonde hair?

Long loose curls, little braids at the crown, and in a ponytail. I miss my blond hair!

Is vocaloid piko?

Piko is the name of both the Vocaloid and the voice provider, who is naturally not a Vocaloid.

Who likes vocaloid?

Vocaloid fans like Vocaloid. Vocaloid fans are located around the world. Vocaloid fans also have a tendency to like Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga).

Who is the blonde girl with ponytail featured in the diet coke commercial where she is roller skating to Starry Eyed Surprise?

Her name is Nicole Vicius

How do you make your hair like Bridget Mendler's on Lemonade Mouth?

you color your hair blonde and make it in a ponytail then make it long and curly.

How can you get Luna lovegood's hair style?

Well her hair is waist length dirty blonde and sort of crimped or curled with a very small curling iron. So you would have to grow it out really long and dye it blonde if your hair isn't already blonde. She wears a sort of half ponytail, what I mean is that she ties her hair in the middle like a super low ponytail and she has a dragonfly clip in one scene.

Who is the maker of vocaloid?

Kenmochi Hideki is the maker of vocaloid.

Is kasane teto a vocaloid?

No Teto is not a Vocaloid. I have heard before that She was made to be a prank. She is mistaken to be a Vocaloid. She sounds like a Vocaloid(y) software.

Who was the second vocaloid?

People are not sure if the second VOCALOID for the 1st generation was LEON or LOLA. They were both released on the same day. For VOCALOID 2nd generation, Hatsune Miku was the second VOCALOID after Sweet ANN. Lastly the VOCALOID 3rd generation, VOCALOID SeeU is the 2nd after MEW.

Is Vocaloid an anime?

No, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program. However there is a manga and a video game out featuring the Vocaloid characters.

Is Akiakane a Vocaloid?

No, Akiakane is a Nico Nico Singer; not a Vocaloid.

What is the blonde brunette and red head side ponytail on Club Penguin called?

No u can't get it in penguin style at the moment it was in the catalog in January 2012

What number is akita in vocaloid?

Akita Neru ain't a Vocaloid from the start.

Is there any criticism on vocaloid besides on vocaloid wiki?

Yes. Criticism is everywhere. You can find it on Youtube Videos, Vocaloid communities, ect.

What is vocaloid and hatsune miku?

Vocaloid is a program used to simulate a human voice for use in songs. Hatsune Miku is a popular Japanese Vocaloid.

Who created vocaloid?

Yamaha created and developed the Vocaloid technology. See the Vocaloid wiki article for more details about the technology and its impact on the internet.

Where do you find the anime vocaloid?

VOCALOID does NOT have an anime. It is just a singing synthesis program.

How do you make a vocaloid character?

Just create your own Vocaloid, based on your favorite.

Which island in poptropica will you find a ponytail?

In counterfeit. There is a lady with black hair, a ponytail and should be in the museum. I have a ponytail on my character but I got the ponytail in a common room.