Who is the woman on the liberty coin?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Depends on which coin you are talking about. US Coins frequently have featured a personification of Liberty, although who Liberty is modeled after depends on the coin.

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Q: Who is the woman on the liberty coin?
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Who is the woman on the liberty coin 2009?

It is Sacajawea, the American Indian.

Who was the first woman to appear on a u.s. coin?

The first Real woman was Susan B. Anthony on the 1979 one dollar coin.

What is the value of a liberty dollar coin printed in 1979?

Face value only - $1.To clear things up, the woman on the front of the coin is Susan B. Anthony, not Miss Liberty, so the coin is called an Anthony dollar not a Liberty dollar. Also coins are said to be struck or minted; "printing" refers to paper and ink, like $1 bills.

Liberty 1911 coin what is it worth?

Which coin

Who is the woman on a 1924 American dime?

It isn't any living person but it's a representation of Liberty. The coin is called a Mercury Dime.

Was there a gold coin minted in 1845 with woman's head on one side and an eagle on the other?

Yes. The "woman" was an image of Lady Liberty. Called a "Liberty Head", there were three denominations made. The Eagle ($10), the Half Eagle ($5), and the Quarter Eagle ($2.50)

What is the worth value of liberty dollar coin?

the worth value of the liberty dollar coin is worth 50cents.

Value of a 1924 gold liberty coin?

what is the vaule of a 1924 miss liberty one dollar coin

What is your liberty 1978 coin worth?

All us coins made in 1978 have the word LIBERTY on them. What coin are you asking about?

1883-S Liberty 20 gold Coin?

1883-S Liberty $20 Gold Coin MS62

What woman is on the first dollar coin?

Miss Liberty (1794), she is not a real person, but the designer Robert Scot's stylized symbolic interpretation of what she looks like.

What is the value of a 1941 liberty coin?

Please post a new question with the coin's denomination. In 1941 the word LIBERTY appeared on cents, nickels and quarters, while dimes and halves had images of Miss Liberty so "liberty coin" isn't specific enough.