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Q: Who is the world champion in wwe money in the bank 2011?
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Was WWE john cena ever in a money in the bank match?

did john cena lose the wwe champion in 2011 in money int the bank

Who is the world heavyweight champion?

the new world heavyweight champion is Kane after defeating Rey Mysterio at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV

When did alberto del Rio become WWE champion?

14 August 2011, at Summerslam (defeating CM Punk by cashing in his money in the bank)

Who won the WWE champion in summer slam 2011?

cm punk won against john cena but alberto del rio cashed the money in the bank and is became the new wwe champion

Why did edge get to cash in is money in the bank briefcase two times?

No because he has not been money in the bank champion 2 times

Who won john cenda WWE belt?

CM Punk defeated John Cena in Money in the bank payperview 2011 to become the WWE champion

Who won the WWE champion?

The most recent WWE champion is CM Punk. At the PPV, Money in the Bank, on July 17, 2011, CM Punk defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

What will happen at WWE Money In The Bank 2011?

WWE Money In The Bank July 17, 2011 Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois Theme - "Hate Me" by Saliva WWE Championship John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk (c) - reffers to champion heading into the match.

Who is going in the money in the bank challange for the WWE champion?

John Cena

When was the miz WWE champion?

never? though he has the money in the bank briefcase/

Did the WWE superstar sheamus ever win a money in the bank?

No. Sheamus has never won the money in the bank match in his career so far. He is a multi time world champion in the WWE and is also a Royal Rumble winner but has never won the money in the bank match

Is there real money in a money in a bank match in WWE?

no it is a champion contract for any where any time

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