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American teenager Jordan Romero became the youngest climber to summit Mount Everest at the age of 13 on the 22nd May 2010

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Can you be any age to climb Mount Everest?

You have to be 16 years old to climb Mount Everest now but in the past there has been people younger than 16.

Why do they climb Mount Everest?

People climb Mount Everest for the adventure and challenge.

Did Miley Cyrus climb Mount Everest?

No, Miley Cyrus did not climb Mount Everest.

When did neil amstrong climb mount everest?

Neil Armstrong has not climb Mount Everest.

Why would you climb Mount Everest?

I would climb Mount Everest for the adventure and challenge.

Is there competitions where you climb to the top of mount Everest?

No, there are no competitions where you race to the top of Mount Everest. Mount Everest is a dangerous mountain to climb.

How old do you have to be to climb Mount Everest?

Some people say to climb mount Everest you have to be 13, but in my opinion there is no age needed to climb Mount Everest.i heard on the news a 13 year old is climbing it now i have always wanted to climb mount Everest

Is Mount Everest over the clouds?

To climb high on Mount Everest you have to climb up through the clouds.

What year did Edmund Hillary climb mount Everest?

Edmund Hillary climb Mount Everest in 1953.

Is mount everest the hardest mountain to climb?

No Mount Everest is not the hardest mountain to climb, there are many mountains that are very hard to climb.

Do you have to have permission to climb Mount Everest?

To climb Mount Everest you need to buy a climbing permit first, without this you are not allowed to climb.

What countries are people from that climb Mount Everest?

The people that climb on Mount Everest come from all over the world.

3 facts about Mount Everest?

142 people DIED from trying to climb it, Edmund Hillary was first to climb mount Everest, Mount Everest is 8,848m tall,

Did Hitler climb Mount Everest?

No, Hitler never climbed Mount Everest.

Who was the first british woman to climb mount Everest?

Rebeca Stevens was the first English woman to climb mount everest. She first went there as a reporter, then she decided to climb it herself and now she is the first English woman to climb mount everest .

How long did it take sir Edmund hillary to climb mount Everest?

it took him seven weeks to climb mount Everest

What side of mount Everest can you climb?

Today you are allowed to climb Mount Everest from both sides, the North and South routes.

Who was the first woman to climb to Mount Everest?

The first woman to climb Mount Everest was Junko Tabel from Japan in 1975

Are people allowed to climb Mount Everest?

Providing you have the experience and have paid your permit fee then yes you can climb Mount Everest.

Who should be allowed to climb mount Everest?

Anyone should be allowed to climb Mount Everest providing they have the experience to do so.

Who first acheived climb Mount Everest?

Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.

Who wanted to climb mount Everest because it was there?

It was George Mallory who when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest said 'because it is there'.

Did Daniel Tosh climb Mount Everest?

If you meanDaniel Tosh the stand-up comedian, then, no he didnt climb Mount Everest.

Who was the first Pakistani to climb Mount Everest?

Nazir Ahmed was the first Pakistani to climb mount Everest.

Is there tourism on Mount Everest?

The tourism on Mount Everest is the mountaineers who come to climb the mountain.

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