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Tiny tuxedo is a 5 piece band from lawrence, Kansas. They play country folk and gypsy music. They consist of Cainro on guitar and vocals, Allison Olassa on microrgan, Dave Boomerang on doghouse bass, Bretnon a destroyer on drums and Jimi Jon on the banjo. Check out tiny's myspace at

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What is mindless behavior tiny chat?

the band

Where did the word tuxedo come from?

The word "tuxedo" is short for "tuxedo coat". It was named after a country club in Tuxedo Park, NY, USA.

Where was the tuxedo originated from?

The Tuxedo originated from the resort town of Tuxedo Park, New York, in 1886.

Where is the Tuxedo Park Library in Tuxedo Park located?

The address of the Tuxedo Park Library is: 227 Route 17, Tuxedo Park, 10987 4405

Can tuxedos do things similar to the movie 'tuxedo'?


What are Tuxedo applications?

It shows you the price and the information of the tuxedo

What is the duration of The Tuxedo?

The duration of The Tuxedo is 1.63 hours.

Where is the Tuxedo Historical Society in Tuxedo Park New York located?

The address of the Tuxedo Historical Society is: Po Box 188, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987-0188

Do tuxedo retailers have a yearly tuxedo sale?

Some tuxedo retailers do have a yearly sale, while others do not. Most tuxedo retailers will try and have a yearly tuxedo sale to get rid of the old stock in order to make room for the new stock.

What animal wears a tuxedo?

The penguin is said to wear a tuxedo.

When was Tuxedo Mask created?

Tuxedo Mask was created in 1992.

When was The Tuxedo created?

The Tuxedo was created on 2002-09-27.

When was Tuxedo Junction created?

Tuxedo Junction was created in 1939.

What was the Production Budget for The Tuxedo?

The Production Budget for The Tuxedo was $60,000,000.

What is the origin of tuxedo?

The term tuxedo comes from tuxedo park, ny, where a dinner coat without tails was popularized in 1896.

How do you make a sentence out of the word tuxedo?

Here are some sentences.He bought a new tuxedo.The rented tuxedo was too large.

What is the phone number of the Tuxedo Park Library in Tuxedo Park?

The phone number of the Tuxedo Park Library is: 845-351-2207.

Why tuxedo cake is called tuxedo cake?

Because they are tall and elegant.

How do you spell tixeseedugh?

The word is spelled tuxedo. John spent the afternoon looking for a tuxedo to attend the prom. The groom looked handsome in his tuxedo.

What kind of animal is cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo?

Tennessee Tuxedo was a penguin .

What episode does Tuxedo Mask die?

Tuxedo Mask dies in episode 173.

How much money did The Tuxedo gross worldwide?

The Tuxedo grossed $104,429,625 worldwide.

Use tuxedo in a sentence?

"I only wore a tuxedo once in my life -so far!" "A tuxedo seems to be worn by penguins!" "Are all tuxedos black?"

What is the phone number of the Tuxedo Historical Society in Tuxedo Park New York?

The phone number of the Tuxedo Historical Society is: 845-351-4702.

What is the difference of a tuxedo and a suit?

a suit is just well um i cant tell you what a suit is but i know what a tuxedo is a tuxedo is the same as a suit except a tuxedo has black stripes going down the sides of both legs a suit does not have stripes