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Who is toadette?

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Toadette is a cheery nice little toad her best friend is Toad and she is also googd friends with Toadsworth and Princess Peach

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Is toadette a boy or a girl?

Toadette is a girl...

Who is toadette dating?

Toadette is daiting Toad!

Is Toadette Princess Peach's servant?

Toad is Princess Peach's servant not Toadette. Toadette is Toad's sister.

Is toadette in brawl?

Toadette only apperar as a Trophy.

How old is toadette and toad?

toad is 19 and toadette is 8

How do you unlock toadette in Super Smash Bros melee?

toadette is not there

Who is toadette in Mario kart Wii?

Toadette is a pink female version of toad

Did toadette ever cheat on toad?

No why would toadette cheat on toad they are partners

Ca you get toad and toadette on ssbm?

Toad and Toadette arent playable but maybe as trophies.

How do you get toadette in Mario Kart DS?

On Mario Kart DS Toadette isn't Unlockable.

How do you get toadette on Mario sports mix wii?

you can't get toadette on Mario sports mix

Mario Kart wii toadette didn't?

To get Toadette, you have to play all of the time trial courses.

How do you get toadette on Mario cart wii?

To get toadette, you have to do all the time trials. you don't have to win them all though.

How old is Toadette?

she is 3

Are toad and toadette in Super smash brothers melee?

no toad and toadette are not in super smash bros brawl, but thanks for asking.

Can you play as toadette in Mario ds?


How old is toadette from Mario?

she is 8

Does toad love toadette?


What are the cheat codes to Toadette?


How do you get toadette on Mario Kart wii?

To get toadette you have to do all time trail maps [dont have to win] i know iv unlocked the character

Do you have to race with the same character in time trials to unlock toadette?

No, in order to unlock Toadette you have to do all Time Trials no matter what time you have.

How do you get toadette in Mario cart ds?

you dont

What is girl toad called on Mario?


How do you toadette in mariokart?

The actual question should be, " How do you unlock Toadette in Mariokart?". The answer is Play all 32 time trial races, and you don't have to beat the ghost.

How do you unlock toadette on Mario Kart DS?

You can't.

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