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Q: Who is willing to hire a felon in Texas?
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Related questions

Whic companies are willing to hire convicted felons in houston texas?

Hiring policies are determined by individual companies. No employer specifically advertises that they will hire a convicted felon. You will need to apply and ask them.

Is there a list of employers in Houston Texas that hire people with a felon?


Can a convicted felon become an engineer?

A convicte felon can study anything he may, the trouble and problem would be finding someone willing to hire him.

Will nike hire you if you have a felon?

They will hire a felon once the position you're applying for has no direct relation with your charges. For example, if you were arrested and convicted of shoplifting, it's likely they may not be willing to take the risk of hiring you due to the liability of you possibly stealing while at work. Other than that, they will hire you.

Can convicted felon get cdl license?

A convicted felon can get a CDL (but they can't get a hazmat endorsement). However, they would be best advised to ensure that they've found employers who would be willing to hire them once they obtained a CDL.

Can a convicted felon work in the medical field in Va?

It depends on your occupation/profession and whether your practice of it is licensed by the state - AND - whether the state will license a convicted felon - AND - can you find an employer willing to hire you with that kind of past record.

Can a convicted felon get a class a cdl in Iowa?

A convicted felon can get a CDL (but they can't get a hazmat endorsement). However, they would be best advised to ensure that they've found employers who would be willing to hire them once they obtained a CDL.

Can a convicted felon have power of attorney in Texas?

Yes, as long as someone is willing to have you act in their presence (act as power of attorney).

Can felon own compound bow in Texas?

No, a felon cannot own a compound bow in Texas. A felon cannot own any type of weapon in Texas or in the entire country.

Who in Port Aransas Texas is willing to hire a 13 year old I will be 14 in September?

Restaraunts, only if you have a food handlers lisence.

What are the laws regarding a convicted felon being employed by a mortgage company?

There aren't necessarily any laws about this situation. If a mortgage company would like to hire a felon, they can hire a felon. Their customers would probably not appreciate finding out a felon is working with them depending on the felony>

What companies fayetteville NC hire felons?

what companies in fayetteville n.c. will hire a felon

Can a convicted felon in Texas carry a own a taser?

There is no Texas law that says a felon can not own a taser.

WhAT employers will hire felons in dallas Texas?

I have a Facebook page called 2ND CHANCES 4 FELONS I encourage all felons to check it out & if you are not a felon tell someone who is !!

Aiding a felon penalty?

What is the penalty for aiding a felon in texas

Is it legal for a felon to have a rifle in Texas?

As far as I know it is not legal for a felon to have any kind of firearm in the state of Texas.

Will Eaton Corporation Hire a convicted felon?


How old do you have to be in Texas to get a job?

you can work in Texas if you're at least 14 years of age (assuming, of course, that an employer is willing to hire you). There are significant restrictions, however, until you reach 16 and 18 years of age.

Can a felon associate with another felon in Texas?

The do in prison all the time.

Can a felon be an EMT in MD?

nothing can stop you from getting your education and license to have the qualifications and criteria met in order to apply for a position as an EMT or MD, however, you will not be able to carry a firearm as some EMTs do (depending on where you work), and you might have a hard time finding an employer willing to hire a felon for a position such as EMT or MD

Can a felon in Texas have a paintball gun?

Yes. A paintball gun is not considered a firearm therefore a felon can purchase a paintball gun in Texas.

Which companies are willing to hire felons in California?

Go back to college full time with a Federal student loan, study hard and get your certificate/AA in human services and become an addiction treatment specialist. This is one field that a felon can never be locked out of because lets face it, the world knows that the best person to treat an addicted felon is quite frankly going to be an ex felon in recovery.

Will you hire me If have a felony conviction?

There are many companies that do not hire a person if they have a felony conviction. However, there are companies that will hire a felon. A person has to apply for jobs until they find a company that will hire them.

Can a felon from become an optometrist in Texas?

no he can't

What is possion of firearm by felon in Kentucky?

What is a felony possesion of a firearm by a felon in Houston TEXAS