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In proportion to the size of the creature, the cricket jumps further.


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Being bigger, a kangaroo jumps further than a grasshopper. However, in proportion to the size of the creature, a grasshopper jumps further.

The BMW 3-Series uses the human soul as fuel, when it jumps, it's actually ripping your soul out of your body.

As many as they want to. Or until they get tired. I'm procrastinating. :)

frogs will jump farther because they are bigger, but the jump length to body length ratio determines who really jumps farther.

An electron that jumps to a higher orbital is in a higher energy state. Being "further" from the nucleus is irrelevant: the electron has the energy appropriate to its orbital regardless of "where" it "is."

to build up momentum and it gives him more height therfore hed jump further

my friend jumps up and down.

*Why are jumps called jumps?In order to clear an "obstacle" of any sort, a horse must jump over it. Therefore these "obstacles" became known as jumps.

A very small bug that looks like a crab and jumps is called a crab lice. They are prodigious egg layers and like infesting hair in in human beings.

The maximum force of contraction that a muscle can generate is known as ballistic motion. An example of ballistic movement can be seen in the way that a cricket jumps.

because their legs are pretty long and they have powerful back legs.Like a cricket When a frogs jumps, their back legs unfold so thy can go higher!

Course builders will generally measure the distance in metres, but if you're walking a course, striding the jumps can be useful. Stride from the first jump to the second jump. For horses, 8 human strides is 1 horse stride, 12 human strides is 2 horse strides, and every extra 4 human strides is equivalent to 1 horse stride.

Wood and plastic are the usual materials to manufacture horse jumps. Plastic jumps are more durable than wood jumps and can stand more impacts than wood jumps.

Jumps like a kangaroo ?

2 and 3, then it jumps further up to 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41.....

Jack jumps over the candlestick

The word jumps has one syllable.

Jumps is a verb. It describes an action.

I'm not positive, but I believe that the record of jumps in one minute is 61 jumps.

depends on weight, strength and size. boys usually jump further because they usually have longer legs and more strength (USUALLY).

Who ever legally jumps the furthest wins the long jump. Unusal but if it is a tie with the best jumps after 6 jumps, then the second best jumps will be the decider for medals.

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