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In proportion to the size of the creature, the cricket jumps further.

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Q: Who jumps further proportionately a human or a cricket?
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How does a cricket travel?

it jumps around.

Which jumps farther a Kangaroo or Grasshopper?

Being bigger, a kangaroo jumps further than a grasshopper. However, in proportion to the size of the creature, a grasshopper jumps further.

What insect has 6 legs looks like a spider but jumps like a cricket?

Cave cricket or camel cricket?

What jumps high?

a human person rather than a ugly diry pig

What is the name of this object which is a hemisphere of rubber you push inside out and place on a surf a surface and then after a bit it flips back and flies into the air?

The object is a toy and it is called a cricket brcause it jumps high and like a cricket.

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What makes a car jumps when going to a complete stop?

The BMW 3-Series uses the human soul as fuel, when it jumps, it's actually ripping your soul out of your body.

Who is a better jumper a frog or a cricket?

frogs will jump farther because they are bigger, but the jump length to body length ratio determines who really jumps farther.

A spider that jumps like a grasshopper and has an atenna on its head and back feet like a grasshopper?

I've seen those too. I think it's a species of cricket.

Why a long jumper runs before he jumps?

to build up momentum and it gives him more height therfore hed jump further

Does an electron have more or less energy when its further from the nucleus?

An electron that jumps to a higher orbital is in a higher energy state. Being "further" from the nucleus is irrelevant: the electron has the energy appropriate to its orbital regardless of "where" it "is."

Why does a person fall when he jumps out from a moving train?

He falls due to gravity, but he may land slightly further along the track due to his momentum.

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What are the jumps called in horse shows?


What small bug looks like a crab and jumps?

A very small bug that looks like a crab and jumps is called a crab lice. They are prodigious egg layers and like infesting hair in in human beings.

What is the simile for jumps?

Jumps like a kangaroo ?

How do frogs jump so far?

because their legs are pretty long and they have powerful back legs.Like a cricket When a frogs jumps, their back legs unfold so thy can go higher!

The maximum force of contraction a muscle can generate is called?

The maximum force of contraction that a muscle can generate is known as ballistic motion. An example of ballistic movement can be seen in the way that a cricket jumps.

What materials are used to make horse jumps?

Wood and plastic are the usual materials to manufacture horse jumps. Plastic jumps are more durable than wood jumps and can stand more impacts than wood jumps.

What is consecutive prime numbers?

2 and 3, then it jumps further up to 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41.....

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APEX it mimcis the way the human mind works

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the height of the jumps are 6'6

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Jack jumps over the candlestick

World record for most jumps in jumpropeing?

20 jumps