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Who kicked Mata Lakshmi in front of god Vishnu?

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Whenever Vishnu returned to Vaikuntha, tired after his battles with demons, Lakshmi would invigorate him with her affectionate touch. Once, while Vishnu was resting, the sage Bhrigu entered Vaikuntha. Neither Vishnu nor Lakshmi saw him arrive. Insulted, Bhrigu kicked Vishnu on his chest shouting,

"How can you sleep when someone is calling on you?" Bhrigu's insolence horrified Lakshmi. To her surprise, the lord placed his hand on Bhrigu's foot and asked, "Did you hurt yourself by kicking me?" The sage was touched by the lord's concern. Lakshmi was not. "Bhrigu kicked you on your chest, on Shreevatsa (a golden curl of hair on Vishnu's chest that represents Lakhsmi), and by doing so kicked me. Avenge this insult." She demanded angrily."I cannot harm one who is my guest, " said the lord. Considering this an affront to her dignity, Lakshmi disappeared from Vaikuntha. E.

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