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Sorry but I have tried there are no cheats

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โˆ™ 2008-12-30 21:57:58
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Q: Who knows Cheats for Age of Empires mythology?
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Cheats for Age of Empires the conquerors?

Age of empires the conqueror's is age of empires 2 not 3. anyway,

What are the cheats for age of mythology titans?

go to game write age of mythology titans and it gives to cheats

Do cheats work on Age of Empires 1 demo?

no it does not

How many cheats are there for Age of Empires?

i counted 69

What is age of mythology?

it is a stratergy game that requires skill. it is like age of empires

How do you get a sphinx in Age of Empires mythologies?

'age of mythology or age of empires'Iim pretty sure you have to play as eygption and go with the sphinx lady...

Is there any population cheats for Age of Empires 3?

sorry but no there is no population cheats for aoe3

How many editions are there for age of empires?

Age of Empires I covers the era between the stone age and classical period. Age of Empires II cover the medieval era for Europe and Asia. Age of Empires III covers the colonisation of America. There's also Age of Empires Online, which focuses on Greek and Egyptian history; and Age of Mythology, set during the bronze age, but focuses on mythology rather than history.

Where can one obtain a list containing Age of Empires Cheats?

As with most games, a list of Age of Empires Cheats can usually be found online. Especially websites that specialize in video gaming and game cheats such as IGN or GameFaqs.

How do you enter cheats on Age of Empires?

you type them in the chat box

Is there any cheats for Age of Empires 2 trail version?


Is age of empire is better or age of mythology?

WEll make it simple.It majorly depends on taste.I love Mythology so I would prefer age of mythology But age of Empires has improved so much in past year that age of empires 3 is lot better .But i really wish that there would be Age of Mytholgy 3 to counter it

How do you rotate screen in Age of Empires 2?

You can't. That ability becomes available in Age of Mythology.

What are all the cheats of Age of Empires conquerors?

Trojon horse risk

Age of empires how do you use cheats in trial?

only marco and polo

Can you put cheats on Age of Empires 2 ps2?

You really cant

Where can one find Age of Mythology cheats?

There are numerous online resources that one can use to find the Age of Mythology cheats. Some of these resources are 'Neoseeker', 'Cheat Code Central' and 'GameSpot'.

At what point while playing Age of Empires 2 do most people search for cheats?

The point at which people search for cheats while playing Age of Empires 2 depends on the players skill level. Cheats are available on the internet for every level.

Where you could find cheats for age of empire 2?

you just write "cheats for age of empires 2 age of kings" on google,and click on the first of the options.

Are there cheats on age of mythology trial?

I don't think there are any cheats for the trial. I have the trial and the normal cheats don't work.

How do make a wonder in Age of Empires?

In all three Age Of Empires, Age Of Kings and Age Of Mythology you need to advance to the fourth age (Iron, Imperial and Mythic Age) in order to have the wonder able to be constructed.

Cheats for Age of Empires 2?

aegis is the best it gives you automatic speed

The cheats for age of mythology Nintendo ds?

see on the page

What are the cheats for age of empires 2?

The answers to Age of empires two are. . . Furious the monkey boy, Gold rush, Pepperoni Pizza, Robin hood and Big daddy

When is Age of empire 4 coming?

age of empires 4 is considered age of mythology, but the brand new one comes 2012