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You can't get Vocaloid for free, but there is a programme called UTAU which is nearly the same thing; you can also make your own Vocaloids on that.


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No. VOCALOID 2 is a software that you need to pay for. If you are looking for the free version of VOCALOID 2 then use Utaloid. It was made by fans and is free.

You can either Google "Vocaloid Download" or "Hatsune Miku program download" That's how I found it. But yeah, It's called Vocaloid: Project Diva.

You can download IA Vocaloid songs from Nicosound. This site is basically the audio version of NicoNicoDouga. On this site you can download all of IA's songs that have been posted on NicoNicoDouga.

From the internet (I don't suggest this) or buy it in Japan

You have to buy it to have an activation number.

VOCALOID is recorded program voiced by Singers and Voice actors (mostly). You have to buy VOCALOIDs to make a VOCALOID sing . There is no such thing called utauloids just UTAU. UTAU is a singing program same as VOCALOID, Cantor, etc. UTAU is a free voicebank that you can download and it's sang by a coumputer.

You install a Vocaloid like any other piece of software. Price varies depending on the Vocaloid but can be as much as $200. You have to pay for Vocaloid, unless you illegally download it. However there is a program called UTAU that is similar to vocaloid and lets you create your own UTAUloid rather then just the one voice

I believe so. If a vocaloid song is fanmade, then i think so. A vocaloid singing a previously-copywrited song, though... I'm not sure, it's probably illegal.

1) there isn't any that are english unless they are fandubbed or the engliods 2) some people would put the link to download it off the internet for free -mediafire -4shared -etc.(sorry I kinda forgotten most of them) 3)you can download the songs off of youtube -search youtbe to mp3

There is no VOCALOID video game, unless you're referring to MMD (Miku Miku Dance), which is completely free on VPVP.

On the internet. Use 'Youtube to Mp3' converter and convert any song on youtube you like (i.e. any vocaloid song on youtube) so there you go :)

Yes, Ai is a vocaloid. A vocaloid 3 to be exact.

You can find the pdf for free at micandonburi.

Because Vocaloid is a licensed technology, there are many products that use it. Zero-G's first generation Vocaloids (all English voice libraries) have demo versions available for download. Google the following: zero-g vocaloid trial Should be the first search hit.

Vocaloid fans like Vocaloid. Vocaloid fans are located around the world. Vocaloid fans also have a tendency to like Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga).

Piko is the name of both the Vocaloid and the voice provider, who is naturally not a Vocaloid.

Teto's character item is, apparently, french bread. Note that Teto Kasane is not a Vocaloid, but an Utauloid for the free singing synthesizer UTAU. Since the Vocaloid and UTAU communities are closely related, Teto and other UTAUloids have many fans within the Vocaloid community and its not surprising to see many songs featuring Teto or other UTAUloids singing alongside their Vocaloid counterparts.

Yes but only for their first generation Vocaloids, Lola, Leon, and Miriam. Trials for their Vocaloid 2 versions should be available soon, according to their website.

People are not sure if the second VOCALOID for the 1st generation was LEON or LOLA. They were both released on the same day. For VOCALOID 2nd generation, Hatsune Miku was the second VOCALOID after Sweet ANN. Lastly the VOCALOID 3rd generation, VOCALOID SeeU is the 2nd after MEW.

Kenmochi Hideki is the maker of vocaloid.

No, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program. However there is a manga and a video game out featuring the Vocaloid characters.

No, Akiakane is a Nico Nico Singer; not a Vocaloid.

Teto Kasane is both somewhat a Vocaloid and a UTAUloid. Utau is like Vocaloid only thing is you can make your own voice into a UTAUloid and its free. But it is very hard to use. If you go on or you will probably see alot of UTAUloids and fanmade ones. The big difference of Vocaloids and UTAUloids are UTAUloids sound not as good as Vocaloids. But both have MMD Models. She is a Vocaloid character, but she is also part of the UTAUloids.

Yes. Quicktime is free to download. Simply Google: Free Quicktime download.

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