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You need to give a king or year. I can think of three revolts.

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Q: Who lead the revolt against the English king?
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Metacomet lead a revolt against who?

the English colonists

Where did Boudicca revolt against the Romans?

she lead the the revolt in London.

Who did Metacomet lead a revolt against?


What year Robert the Bruce supported the Scottish revolt against King Edward?

Robert the Bruce did not lead a revolt against King Edward. The wars were to maintain Scottish independence from an aggressive rival kingdom, England, who were never in a position of authority over Scotland which we could revolt against. This was a war between nations, not a rebellion of subjects. Well said.

What did John ball do?

John Ball is a famous priest wanted the people to be free and no unfair laws.he was sent to prison by the king for telling the peasants about the bad things the king was doing. this made the peasants revolt.

Who lead the slave revolt against plantation owners in Virginia?

john brown

Who was the British colonel who helped to lead the Arab revolt against Turkey?

T.E. Lawrence

Who lead a revolt against Huerta and propels the Mexican revolution?

Venustiano Carranza(vagina)

Why US speak English?

The British colonies were successful in America, grew and developed while the French, Spanish and Dutch did not. When the time came to revolt against European imperialism, the British colonies were the ones large enough and powerful enough to organize and lead the revolt.

In what nation did former slave Toussaint L'Ouverture lead a revolt against French forces?


Why is Queen Boudicca worth knowing about?

She was Queen of the Iceni and lead a revolt against the Romans in Britain

Did Boudicca lead one of the greatest revolt against the Romans?

Boudicca did lead one of the biggest armies and worked very well with them.