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Q: Who lead the slave revolt against plantation owners in Virginia?
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Who led a slave revolt against plantation owners in Virginia?

Nat Turner led a slave revolt against plantation owners in Virginia in 1831. He and his followers killed around 60 white people before the rebellion was suppressed by local militia. Turner was captured, tried, and executed for his role in the revolt.

Who led the slave revolt against plantation in 1831?

In Virginia, that was Nat Turner.

Why did John Adams kill crispus attucks?

Was he involved in trying to stage the slave uprising against the plantation/slave owners?Following in the footsteps of Chris( the slave who organized the greatest revolt against the white plantation owners)

Who was the leader of the berbice 1763 slave revolt?

Cuffy, also known as Kofi or Cuffee, was the leader of the Berbice 1763 slave revolt in present-day Guyana. He was an enslaved African man who led a rebellion against the Dutch plantation owners in the colony of Berbice.

Why did south carolina's colonists live in fear of a slave revolt?

They lived in fear because rights were taken away from black people in Virginia. The slave owners would get scared of them causing a revolt......

What year did the poor whites from virginia revolt against governor and rich planters?

It was 1676 and it was called Bacon's Rebellion.

Who wanted to march from plantation to plantation killing slave owners?

Nat Turner. It was called the Nat turner Revolt, and it scared the hell out of Plantation owners, as the slaves outnumbered the white settlers by 500 to one, or more. He told his story to a reporter (forgot his name) and it was written down. As Turner was a illiterate, we can not hear his own words from his own hands. He was said to have told the white reporter that "God told him to do it." He was tried quickly and hung.

What are the causes of demerara revolt?

The Demerara Revolt, also known as the Demerara Slave Uprising, was caused by harsh living and working conditions, brutal treatment by plantation owners, and the desire for freedom among enslaved Africans in the colony. The spark for the revolt was the punishment of a slave named Coffy for allegedly planning to escape, which led to a larger rebellion in 1823.

Why were the North American slaves unsuccessful at insurrection against their owners?

The North American slaves were largely unsuccessful at insurrection against their owners because their activities were so closely monitored. However, some groups of slaves still managed to revolt.

Did France revolt against Napoleon Bonaparte?

No. France did not revolt against Napoleon.

What country did Americans revolt against?

The American Revolution was a revolt against Britain's perceived oppression.

When did Iraqi revolt against the British happen?

Iraqi revolt against the British happened in 1922.