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Nathaniel Bacon, The rebellion was called Bacons Rebellion.

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Q: Who led Virginia farmers in rebellion in 1676?
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Who led Virginia farmers in a rebellion against the colonys government in 1676?

Nathaniel Bacon

Led Virginia farmers in a rebellion against the colony's government in 1676?

Nathaniel Bacon- known as Bacon's Rebellion.

Led virgina farmers in a rebellion against the colony's government in 1676?

nathaniel bacon

What rebellion did Nathaniel Bacon lead?

Nathaniel Bacon led the Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 in the Virginia colony.

Man who led a rebellion of virginia farmers?

Nathaniel Bacon led the rebellion against the Royal Governor of Virginia William Berkeley demanding the removal or killing of all Native Americans from the Colony in what was called the Virginia Rebellion. Bacon's Rebellion included the burning of the Colonial Capital in Jamestown on 19 September 1676. Governor Berkeley managed to end the protests and hanged 23 of the rebels however Bacon was not among them having died of dysentery on 26 October 1676.

This was a 1676 uprising in the Virginia Colony led by frontiersmen against government corruption and oppression?

Bacon's rebellion

What is beacons rebellion?

In 1676, an armed rebellion, led by Nathaniel Bacon took place in Virginia. It was called Bacon's Rebellion. Bacon and some other settlers were rebelling against the rule of Governor William Berkeley, who failed to address the concerns the settlers had about their safety.

Who is naththaniel bacon?

He was an English immigrant who led a rebellion against the governor of Virginia in 1676. All the dissident country leaders and ex-servants followed him. Soon after the rebellion a series of reforms were passed in the virginian Assembly.

What rebellion was led by the farmers in Massachusetts?

Whiskey rebellion

Who led rebellion of debt-ridden farmers?

shays rebellion

Taxes and this led to farmers rebellion?


Taxes and what led to farmers rebellion?