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Who loved Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo, of course, but also Paris, the Nurse, Friar Lawrence and, in their own way, her parents.

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Who loved Juliet?

Romeo loved Juliet.

Who was Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

She was a girl who loved Romeo and killed herself due to misunderstanding.

Who did Juliet love?

In the play by William Shakespeare, Juliet loved Romeo.

What type of character is Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo was a typical teenaged boy and loved many numbers of women like Rosalind but Romeo loved Juliet more then ever before in his life.

What did Juliet love about Romeo?

She loved him because her eyes saw his good Looks Romeo loved her because of her eyes and she was sexy

What do Paris and Romeo have in common?

Both of them loved Juliet and wanted to marry her.

Why is Romeo so sad Romeo and Juliet?

before he met Juliet he loved a lady named rosaline but she didnt love him back. so he was sad

How does Juliet change in Romeo and Juliet?

She goes from being obedient to her parents in the beginning to not by marrying romeo without their consent. bcoz i think there are two main persons in this story...and also it can be Juliet loved Juliet -.-''

In Romeo and Juliet describe the interview between Juliet's nurse and Romeo?

the interview was very straight forward. romeo told Juliet's nurse that he wants to marry Juliet and he told he that if Juliet really loved him she would agree to it.

What was the title of queen Elizabeth's favourite play?

romeo and juliet. she loved the romance.

What was Queen Elizabeth's most favourite play?

Romeo and Juliet. She loved the romance.

What was Queen Elizabeth 1 favorite play?

Romeo and Juliet. She loved the romance.

In the book Romeo and Juliet how did Romeo and Juliet meet?

there was a masquerade ball held by the capulets (juliets family) and romeo and his friends go because they want to make romeo see that rosaline (girl he loved) was not the only woman in the world. He danced with Juliet and they fell in love

Why are Romeo and Juliet star crossed?

A star crossed lover is a lover that can't be with his/her loved one. Romeo and Juliet are star- crossed because their families are arch enemies

What do Romeo and Juliet discover and decide?

They discovered they loved each other and decided to get married.

What are the characteristics of Juliet Capulet?

We have just studied Romeo and Juliet in GCSE English, and Juliet Capulet seemed to be very quiet, but also have very strong emotions and feelings. She loved Romeo and was not prepared to let him go.

Which Hollywood film has the same part in it as Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet (1935), Romeo & Juliet (1968) and Romeo+Juliet (1996).

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