Who made 1993 Honda Passport motor?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: Who made 1993 Honda Passport motor?
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Did Honda or Isuzu make the 1993 Honda Passport engine?

The whole car was made by Isuzu, including the engine.

When did Honda stop making the Honda Passport?

Honda never made the passport, those are Isuzu rodeo's with Honda emblems. If you need parts for one then set it on fire and push it into the bay to put it out.

What type of transmission fluid for a 2000 Honda Passport?

honda passport's transmissions were made by GM , only use a dexron 3 (if you can find it) the alternative would be a dexron 6 ( works great on mine.)

1993 Honda Civic ex?

yup they made em

What motor comes in a 95 Acura Integra ls?

The motor that comes in an integra ls is made by Honda it is a B18B1 this motor is a 1.8L in line 4 cylinder hope this helps

Do you have a 1993 integra timing belt diagram?

Fot the 1993 acura integra timing belt 'cord' specifications. Is the honda made timing belt from fiberglass or kevlar ?

What type of motor is in a S2000?

Honda F22C1 engine found in the S2000. The Honda S2000 has 2 motors depending on the year and region that is was made in. For US models made between the year 2000 to early 2005 It had the F20C motor which red lined at 9,000rpm's. For US models mid 2005- May 2009 it came with the F22C motor which red lined at 8,500rpm's. The final "Ultimate" 2009 S2000's made only in Europe came with the F20C motor.

Should 1993 Geo storm motor die when put in gear but will run if the rpm's are kept high?

Yes, that is how they are made

Which manufacturer made the Civic 98?

The Civic in 1998, as well as all other years it is available from is/was produced by the Honda Motor Corporation. It was first introduced in 1972 and continues to be one of Honda Motors flagship models.

What kind of oil goes in a 1983 Honda shadow?

I use 10 W 40 motor oil which I found in Canadian Tire - it is made specially for liquid clutch use, you can also buy it from a Honda dealer.

First year of Honda?

The first Honda car was made in 1963 and it was from Japan. The first Honda that was made was the Honda S500.

How many 95 model Honda Civics are made by Honda?

Every single one of them are made by Honda.