Super Mario Brothers

Who made Mario and when?

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Shigeru Miyamoto made Mario, who first appeared in the game Donkey Kong in 1981.

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Who made Mario Kart?

Nintendo made Mario Kart

When was Metal Mario made?

He was made in Super Mario 64.

How were Mario and Luigi made?

Mario was made for the game Donkey Kong with the name Jump-man witch was later changed to Mario, Luigi was made fore the game Mario bros. as a second character to Mario.

Was Zelda made before Mario?

no. Mario was made in 1985 in its famous plain "Mario bros." I'm not sure when Zelda whas made

Who was made first Mario or sonic?

Mario was made first but I am not sure if they made Nintendo first.

When was Super Mario Galaxy made?

Super Mario Galaxy was made on 2007.

Who made super Mario brothers?

Nintendo made Mario they make most games all the Mario games are by Nintendo?

What contributions was made by Mario Lopez?

The contributions that Mario Lopez made was being the best he can be.....

When was Mario made Mario?

problebly in the 1980's

Was Mario Party made in Norway?

No, Mario was made in Japan by game-designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Where was Mario made?

Mario was made by a Japaness man who work for Nintendo named Shigorgu Myamoto

How many Super Mario Brothers video games have been made?

There is approximately eight super mario brothers video games that have been made. Super Mario Brothers, Mario Brothers, Mario Land, Mario Cart and Super Mario 3.

Who was made first Mario or fix it Felix jr?


Where was Mario bros made?

they were made in Italy

When was new Super Mario made?

I am sorry. The answer changes every time a new super Mario is made.

Who was made first Mario or luigi?

Well Mario and luigi are brothers but I know Luigi looks taller but Mario was born first and luigi was born second so mario was the first to be made.

Does princess peach have a crush on Mario?

yes she was made to love mario

How old is the Mario bros?

The first Mario game was made in 1986.

What Mario games are made xbox?

There is none mario is a nintendo trademark.

Can you unlock rosalina on Mario kart wii with super Mario galaxy 2?

you can,t because mario kart wii was made in 2008 and mario galaxy 2 came out in 2010 you can with mario galaxy though wich was made in 2007.

When was Mario made?

Mario was first made in 1981 on the arcade game, Donkey Kong, but didn't have a name. He got the name from Nintendo's landlord, Mario Segali, when Nintendo couldn't pay rent. This made Nintendo mad. So they exploded Mario Segali

Why is Mario more popular than Pokemon?

Mario is not more popular than Pokemon: Pokemon was made in 1957 and Mario was made in 1972 and Pokemon still is most popular

Who made Mario?

Shigeru Miyamoto

Who made Mario and luigi?


When was Mario 1 made?


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