Who made a ship?

Updated: 3/14/2022
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Q: Who made a ship?
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When was the first cruise ship made?

First cruise ship made was in the year 1900.

What is the name of the place where ship are made?

A ship yard

A place where ships are made-?

ship yard

What was the name of first ship made in Pakistan?

Al-Abbas is name of first ship made in Pakistan

Who made it possible to reach Asia by ship?

Prince Henry made it possible to reach Asia by ship.

Why an unsinkable ship cannot be made?

There is no reason to suppose an unsinkable ship cannot be made. It may be uneconomical but one could be made.

When was the santa maria ship made?

i think it was made

What is Magellan's ship made from?

his ships were made from wood

What material is a pirate ship made out of?

it was made out of wood

What Was The Layout Of The Ship?

John Cabot's ship was made out of oak trees. For a fact, in John Cabot's ship there were 50 different panels made from 30 different oak trees!

What was the first ship made out of?


How do you fix a ship?

That depends on what it is made of.