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Man first started counting on his fingers and toes. It is no coincidence that "digit" refers to body parts and numbers. Then came the first real computer, the Abacus. Designed to deal with larger numbers and a mechanical object. The Abacus is thought to have been invented by the ancient Babylonians between 1000 BC and 500 BC.

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Q: Who made abacus the first computer?
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What was the first computer called and who made it?

abacus by the chinese

Who was the first computer maker?

The abacus was the first computer, and there were many countries that made abacuses. There was really no one person that made the computer, computer is referred to as a person that performed numerical calculations.

Explain the evolution and history of computer?

abacusabacus was the first one to be madeit was made with beads and rods

What is the first computer in history?


Who is the first launched computer?


What is the name of first computer?


What is the first computer invented?


What is the first type of computer?

An abacus.

What was the first automatic computer?


What is the oldest or first computer?


What computer is invented first?


What did people use before computer?

The computer was designed to solve math problems. It then evolved into what we have today. Before computers, the abacus was a popular tool for calculating, and was usually faster then the computer (in fact, people made money by betting on what would solve first: abacus or computer)

Who made the fist computer?

The Chinese abacus.

Is Abacus a computer?

Yes, it was an early mechanical computer. It is regarded as the first computer, made over 5000 years ago. An abacus is not like a modern computer. People think of a computer as an electronic, programmable device that can store, retrieve, and process data. There were many computing devices prior to the electronic computer that had processing capabilities. They were mechanical devices and are computers. There are many different kinds of computing devices and an abacus is one of them.

What was the name of the first computer calculator?


First computer invented?

That would be the abacus.

Who the first five inventors of computer?


What is the name of the inventor of abacus?

Abacus was invented by the Chinesethe abacus was also known as the first computer

When was the first mini computer invented?

ancient China, the abacus

What is abacuss computer?

abacus is the first manual mechanical calculator

When was the first computer ever made?

The "abacus" was invented in the year 700; it was in use for a long time, and still is in some countries.

Who invented the abacus and what is it used for?

The abacus was invented by the ancient Chinese people and was used to perform mostly mathematical calculations. In Japan, even to this day, the abacus is still used for simple calculations. Many people consider the abacus the first "computer" or at least the first calculator.

What device was technically the very first computer?

The Abacus is technically the very first computer, it simply needed a lot of human help. A computer is simply a device that carries out computations, and this is exactly what an abacus did, be it in a very much simpler way than you see today.

Who is the first inventor of abacus?

The abacus was made by the ancient Sumerians in the period 2700-2300 BC.

What was invented 3000 years ago considered the first computer?