Electricity and Magnetism

Who made electromagnets?

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What are electromagnets made from?

electromagnets are made from coil and a powerpack this genarates electricity

Are electromagnets man made?


What is one thing made out of neodymium?

Powerful electromagnets

Solenoids are made up of what type of magnet?

Solenoids are electromagnets

What is a magnet that can turn on and off what is it made of?

Electromagnets, they are usually made of a iron core and a warping of copper.

What is the flow of electromagnets called?


How do electromagnets produce power?

Electromagnets are made essentially by wrapping coils of wire around an iron core and passing a current through the wire. This produces a strong magnet.

How are electromagnets used in a doorbell?

The electromagnets are in the chime. When the electromagnets are energized, the plunger hits the chime plate.

Do electromagnets affect glue?

Electromagnets do not affect glue.

How are electromagnets used?

Electromagnets are used in many ways. Televisions use electromagnets to direct the electron beam, whereas loudspeakers and earphones use electromagnets to push the diaphragm forwards.

Do food processors have electromagnets?

Yes, food processors do have electromagnets.

Are all electromagnets magnetic?

All electromagnets are magnetic when they are turned on.

How are electromagnets different from permanent magnet?

You can turn electromagnets on and off.

Are electromagnets considered permanent magnets'?

No. Electromagnets are temporary magnets.

Where use electromagnets?

Inside of electric motors are electromagnets and permanent magnets. In a metal junk yard large electromagnets are used to pick up metal. In MRI's large electromagnets are used for imaging.

What are the electromagnets called that are used at junkyards?

The electromagnets that are used in junkyards are called just that, electromagnets. They are used to sort out different types of metals.

How does a cell phone use electromagnets?

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

Does an iron box use electromagnets?

no there is no use of electromagnets in iron box

Why are electromagnets better than ordinary magnets?

Electromagnets can be turned on and off at will.

How do trains levitate?

Electromagnets on the track repel electromagnets on the bottom of the train.

Do electric motors use electromagnets?

Electric motors do use electromagnets.

How are both permanent magnets and electromagnets used in a motor?

They both are strong and are made of iron and steel.

Why do you need electromagnets?

pick things upAnother AnswerElectromagnets are necessary for an electric motor to work. Electromagnets are used in ink jet printers to release ink, they activate relays and solenoids. Electromagnets are inside automotive fuel injectors. The old CRT televisions wouldn't work without some high powered electromagnets. Computers would be useless without electromagnets that operate disk drives and relays. Electromagnets are an essential part of all transformers.Essentially, modern technology would come to an end without electromagnets.

What items in your home have electromagnets in them?

blenders have electromagnets in them. so do doorbells, so do speakers!!!

How are electromagnets diffrent to either temporary or pemanent magents?

Electromagnets can be turned on and off.