Roman Empire
The Colosseum

Who made the Roman coliseum?

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The Romans.

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What are some Architecture that the Ancient Roman Made?

The coliseum

How was the roman coliseum built?

The Roman Coliseum was built with concreat, marble, and limestone

What happened to the roman coliseum?

in 847 an earthquake hit the city of Rome shattering the roman coliseum. Parts of the arena fell of due to this and since the coliseum was made with the finest stone the remaining pieces were used to make other structures

What is the Famous coliseum in 80 AD?

Roman Coliseum

What made the roman coliseum possible?

The invention of arches and concrete made this amazing building possible.

How much does is cost to go to the roman coliseum?

Free it was no money to get in the coliseum

How old is the Roman coliseum?

the roman coliseum is 2000 years old its Romans most famous and popular buldings

Why was the roman coliseum called coliseum?

It was built near a giant statue of Colossus.

Is the roman coliseum in the top five of largest coliseums?

yes it is the largest coliseum

Is the roman coliseum made out of limestone marble and stone?

yes it is. marble was used the most though.

How many people could fit in the roman coliseum?

It is thought the Roman Coliseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators.

Where is the Roman Coliseum?

The Colosseum is in Rome.

What continent is the roman coliseum in?


Will the roman coliseum be rebuilt?


What color is the Roman coliseum?

The Roman Colosseum is brown and grey.

Where did Roman Gladiators fight?

Roman Gladiators fought in an Amphitheatre or coliseum

What style of architecture was the roman coliseum?

The Roman Coliseum was built with Ancient Roman architecture styling. Roman architecture was a mix of different aspects of Ancient Greek architecture and newer technologies such as the arch and dome.

What is the name of an ancient Roman stadium?

The Coliseum

Why did they bulid the Roman Coliseum?

So they can have the Olympics there

Why does the roman coliseum have a crack in it?

because of the weather

What civilization does the coliseum represent roman empire?


How is the roman coliseum related to Greece?

because of the queen.

What roman emperor started the building of the coliseum?


Were plays performed in the Roman Coliseum?

i dodnt know

Why is the Roman Coliseum in Italy broken?

This is due to decay.