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Stevens Arms.

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Q: Who made the White Powder Wonder shotgun?
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When was the whiteposder wonder made?

The White Powder Wonder shotguns were made before World War II.

How would you find the value of a White Powder Wonder Shotgun?

WWhite Powder Wonders was a trade name and were manufactured by Stevens. The value would be that of a shooter. Comparable to the value of other shooters made for western Auto and Sears White Powder Wonder: Trade name used by Albert Aubrey of Meriden, Connecticut on shotguns made for the Sears, Roebuck and Company of Chicago.

You have single shot 12 gauge shotgun it has no serial number and no brand name on it anywhere it does have an engraved message on the side The New White Powder Wonder can anyone tell you who made it?

Guns with the name New White Powder Wonder were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company, W.H. Davenport Arms, Meridian Fire Arms Company or Stevens Arms & Tool Company. They were made for and sold by Sears Roebuck & Company.

Who made a single barrel shotgun marked White Powder Wonder and what is it worth?

The White Powder Wonder was made for Sears Roebuck by several manufacturers. Take your pick: * Crescent Fire Arms Co * W. H. Davenport Arms Co. * Meriden Fire Arms Co. * J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Value for a single shot is $35 to $75 unless it is just like it came from the factory or a basket case.

How much is a White Powder Wonder 20 gauge made on August 12 1913 worth?


What is a Scott and co muzzle loading shotgun?

A muzzle loading, black powder shotgun made by Scott & Co.

Price range for black powder single barrel shotgun made in1800s?

3000$ or more

Can I get parts for WP WONDER guns.?

The "New White Powder Wonder" was made by the Crescent Fire Arms Co. if produced before 1919 and by the J. Stevens Arms Co. if it was made after 1919. These were sold by Sears Roebuck company. Parts have not been made in around 100 years, and available parts would be those cannibalized from other guns.

When was your Chicago long range wonder shotgun made believed to be model number 5005 if that's the marking?


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What is the value of a black powder gun serial 0017193?

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What is the price for a 410 black powder shotgun made by firearms int Washington dc?

Seldom exceed 100 USD

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Who made the W P Wonder 12Ga shotgun serial number 392281?

Chances are that it was made by Cresent firearms co.They made many different house brand name shotguns from 1880-1920.

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Your shotgun was made by Noble.It was the Noble model 50 shotgun.

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Franchi made the Wildflower shotgun

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