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Q: Who made the atom bomb in World War II?
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Related questions

What weapon made them more powerful in world war 2?

The Atom Bomb

Who perfected the atom bomb during World War 2?

Your Mom perfected the atom bomb.

What was used in world war 2 but not in world war 1?

The Atom bomb.

How did the atom bomb change World War 2?

It ended World War 2.

In ww1 who made the atom bomb?

No one made an atom bomb in World war 1. It took to the very end of World war 2 for the Atomic bomb to be invented. Exactly who invented is is a bit tricky. There were several different scientists that had come up with the idea separately. But the man mostly associated with turning it into a working weapon is Dr Robert Oppenheimer.

Did the atom bomb start war II?

no it ended world war II

Who were The leaders during the dropping of the atomic bomb in World War 1?

The atom bomb was not in existence during World War One, also known as "The Great War".

Who is the made the first atom bomb?

The USA created the first atomic bomb in New Mexico in the closing stages of World War Two. They used it to defeat Japan.

Did the world do anything to prevent World War 2?

built the atom bomb

What war did the US drop the atom bomb on japan?

World World 2

Was the nuke in World War 1?

no the atom bomb was used in world war 2 the did not have the technology yet

What type of bomb replaced the atom bomb as the new weapon of mass destruction after World War 2?

Hydrogen bomb

Why did atom bomb hit Nagasaki?

It was hit because of World War and the Pacific War.

Why was the atom bomb made?

It was made to stop war the war with Japan because they would't surrender for the United States.

Which atom bomb came first in world war 2?


What is an atom bomb and where was it used in World war 2?

it was dropped in Japan

How did the end world war two caused the cold war?

The atom bomb caused the cold war.

In which world war was the atomic bomb made?

The Second World War.

What was used to bomb japan in World War 2 nuclear or hydrogen?

Nuclear. At the time it was called an atom bomb.

Where was the atom bomb tested?

I think Japan during second World War.

A list of world war 2 inventions?

the atom bomb and the pop rivet.

How did the atom bomb contribute to the Cold War?

we were feared of due to the technology of the atom bomb.

What war did America drop the Nuclear bomb on Japan?

In world war 2 the American's dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. (Japan)

Why was bomb shelters made for?

Bomb Shelters were made for protection from the German bombings in World War One and World War Two.

How was Canada instrumental in ending World War 2?

It contributed uranium for the Atom bomb