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Nobody did XD hahaha who's asking this weird question? =D

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What is the the stinky leg?

a dance or a stinky leg

How do you dance the stankey leg on meez com?

You can dance the stankey leg bye buying it at the heartbroken prom.

How does one do the stanky leg dance?

To do the stanky leg dance one must stick there leg out and rotate it by bending their knees and essentially doing a jump rope motion. This dance originated in Texas.

How do you do the potty dance?

Do the... Potty Dance.... Right leg cross, left leg cross, step step, toes waist celebrate,... do the... potty dance

What is a complementary action in dance?

it is a turkey leg

How to do slide dance step?

To do a slide dance step, you will begin with both feet together. Then extend your right leg just further than shoulder width. Slide your left leg back to your right leg.

What is flexibility in dance?

Flexibility means turnout. How far you lift you leg, and how far your leg turns in or out

What is extension in dance?

extension has a couple different meanings in dance but, usually it mean to develope your leg into a tilt or a panchaextension has a couple different meanings in dance but, usually it mean to develope your leg into a tilt or a pancha

What are the most common dance injuries?

The most common dance injuries are ankles and leg injuries

What is the name of the country song where there is a girl in leg braces at a dance?

the song is Dance Little Jean.................gar..........

What does stanky leg mean?

A popular hip hop dance

What is the dance move called when you spin on one leg?

A pirouette

How do you do the stanky legg dance?

just type in "Stanky Leg" on Youtube

How do you dance the stanky leg in the meez nation?

all you have to say a shake

What are the release dates for Dance Moms - 2011 Break a Leg 2-23?

Dance Moms - 2011 Break a Leg 2-23 was released on: USA: 7 August 2012

What ballet position requires the dance to stand on one leg and have the other leg extended behind them at a right degree angle?


Why do dancers wear dance leg warmers?

Dancers wear dance leg warmers in order to keep their legs warm. When the legs get cold, the muscles tighten up, consequently making it easier to make mistakes.

What do you call the dance move where you jump and put one leg through a hole that you formed with an arm and the other leg?

That dance move is best known as threading. A breaker sometimes threads into a one-handstand, because after he/she threads, they're standing on one leg with one free hand.

What does extenson mean in dance?

An extension... is when you grab your heel and lift your leg to your head.

What is modern dance?

modern dance is the latest version of dance made.

When was Made in Dance created?

Made in Dance was created on 2009-09-11.

What is tarantallegra in Harry Potter?

A spell that makes your legs do a weird sort of dance

Salsa the dance if from where?

The dance Salsa was made in Cuba.

How did Bella brake her leg in Twilight?

in the end of the book where the vampires after her in the dance studio and he throws her

What does turn mean in dance?

Turn means when you lift one leg up and spin