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Q: Who made the first electron microscope?
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What came first electron microscope or light microscope?

compound light microscope - cell theory - electron microscope

Can images of atoms be made with an electron microscope?


What type of microscope would be best to use to look at different cells or organelles?

scanning electron microscope

Which came first the compound light microscope or the electron microscope?

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Who made the electron microscope in 1933?

Ernst Ruska

Why was an electron microscope made?

to see smallstuf such as your penis

Which type of microscope can magnify objects up to a million times?

an electron microscope can magnify something up to 500,000 times

Which microscope do not use a beam of light?

Electron Microscope

Enumerate the different kinds of microscope?

There are two main different kinds of microscopes. The first type is the transmission electron microscope and the second type is known as the scanning electron microscope.

What made ernst ruska so famous?

from the electron microscope

who made the electron microscope?

Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll

What is the principal of the electron microscope?

what is the principal of electron microscope