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Who made the first film?


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Fox Film company


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It was written and made for film first.

the first stars in the first film made in Hollywood (which was made in 1910) were Marion Leonard, and Frank Powell, in the Film, In Old California.

Murray Spivak made the first sound film.

the first film recorded is dickson greeting

A New Hope was the first Star Wars film ever made.

The first Narnia film- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was made in 2005.

His first film was an Australian film called "Clowning Around" which was made in 1992.

The first black and white film was the first film ever made: Roundhay Garden Scene

Lois le prince made the first silent Film titled Roundhay Garden Scene

'Noorjahan' was the first Indian film made in English in 1931.

Made by Pixar , Toy Story was the first feature-length computer-animated film .

According to the Internet, the first 'children's film' was The Blue Bird made in 1918.

J. Stuart Blackton made Humorous Phases of Funny Faces in 1906. It was the first animation on standard film.

the first film ever made was the "Roundhay Garden Scene", a two-second strip of paper shot in 1888.

Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala made the film Joymati which is considered to be the first Assamese film. It was created in 1935.

Charlie Chaplin's first film was in 1914, in MAKING A LIVING. His first feature-length film was A WOMAN OF PARIS, made in 1923.

The first animated feature length film was El Apóstol,made in 1917.

The first black and white film was the very first film ever made: Roundhay Garden Scene

The first film was released in 1977.

No. Episode number 4 was the first film made.

The first film featuring Count Dracula was "Dracula" (1931). The first film featuring a vampire was "Nosferatu" (1922). This was an unauthorized version of the Dracula novel.

The first film was made in 2001. The last film will be out in 2011. That is ten years.

The first Jungle Book film was released 1942.

The first Indian silent film was Raja Harishchandra, made by Dada Saheb Phalke in 1913 and first talki movie was Alam Ara made by Ardeshir Irani in 1932.

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